Friday, September 14, 2012

Jesse Benton Explains His McConnell Decision

By, Chris Rossini
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Benton writes in The Daily Caller:
I discovered Mitch McConnell on May 22, 2010.

Of course, as a budding young politico, I had followed Sen. McConnell for more than a decade. I respected his achievements and understood his importance, but it was that day that I was first allowed an inside look at the man who led my party in the United States Senate.

May 22 was five days after Rand Paul’s primary victory and any celebration we enjoyed had been short-lived. The liberal media was circling, the national Democratic machine was cranking up its attacks and Kentucky Republicans were deeply divided after a contentious spring campaign. The tea party won the primary, but the tea party alone would not be enough to win a general election in a state where Democrats held a 2-to-1 registration advantage.

Rand and I rode to Frankfort that morning not knowing what to expect. What we experienced was a very real GOP Unity Rally that had been put together by the only man capable of doing so: Senator Mitch McConnell.

That day and every day forward, Sen. McConnell made it clear to Republicans across the state that any primary bickering was to be left in the past, and that the party would come together to enthusiastically support their candidate, Dr. Rand Paul.

Sen. McConnell worked tirelessly for our campaign, and in the end, Kentuckians united to produce a grassroots effort that shattered state records. In the final 72 hours alone, our get-out-the-vote operation made over 200,000 live phones calls and knocked on 70,000 doors. Rand cruised to an historic 12-point victory, and we sent a dynamic new leader to the United States Senate.

During our campaign, I saw firsthand Sen. McConnell’s ability to unite traditional Republicans, fiscal and social conservatives, tea party activists, independents and conservative Democrats to form a broad coalition that could win.
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  1. "High Level contacts from within Ron Paul’s inner circle who have disclosed on a condition of anonymity, that “Jesse Benton was actually fired from C4L and stole all the lists (C4L, RP12, LPAC) before he left. Ron Paul is very upset.”

    * is working to 100% confirm this."

  2. Wow, Benton channeling William F. Buckley....he must really be trying to piss of Austrians now.

  3. any chance mcconnell loses? that would make my day...

    1. A McConnell loss would be a fabulous gift from the grassroots to Jesse. Plus a valuable public service.

      But, I think this McConnell job is a short-term one. Once Benton's divorce is final(it's in the works) from Ron's grand-daughter, the Paul family can wash their hands of him --- and then the political landscape changes. Plus Jesse IS a moron and a dishonest one to boot. McConnell can then get rid of him. After that he couldn't even continue to be Trygve Olsen's hand-puppet.

  4. Mitch McConnell just endorsed Ron Paul three weeks ago.

    McConnell was kicked out of the Bilderberg Group 4 weeks ago for being too cozy with Rand Paul. I fully expect McConnell to openly join the 9/11 truth movement soon and call for a new Senate investigation next year.