Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Grab a Vomit Bag...Open It...and Listen To This Mitch McConnell Phone Spam

By, Chris Rossini
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Yesterday, Bob reported on a letter that Jesse Benton and Mitch McConnell are circulating in an apparent attempt to co-opt the liberty movement.

Bob wrote:
Jesse Benton is out with a new Mitch McConnell fund raising letter, attempting to put McConnell in the hardcore anti-gun control camp. This is total BS, Wikipedia details exactly where MConnell has been on gun control:

McConnell has supported several gun control measures put forth by Democrats, including the 1991 Crime Bill S.1241 (see U.S. Senate Roll Call Vote here) sponsored by then senator Joseph Biden, that instituted a national waiting period for handgun purchases as well as a federal ban on semi-automatic firearms.[15] In 1998, McConnell voted for Barbara Boxer's Trigger Lock Amendment 3230 (see U.S. Senate Roll Call Vote here), which required the purchase of a trigger lock with the sale of each handgun.
Well you can add phone call spam to the mix as well.

Listen to the statist Mitch below (vomit bag not included):

Let the people who believe that Republicans are for "limited government" and "free enterprise" fall for this opportunist's trick.

Let it not be you.


  1. Ha, that's the only real "service" the state could provide: a lifetime supply of vomit bags to assist with all they put us through.

    Our fellow Americans can make you want to vomit too. Millions of them take everything the state says and does as coming from Mt. Sinai, or something.

    I needed an extra large bag when Obama exalted himself, saying "Contrary to the rumors you have heard, I was not born in a manger."

    This was even worse than the Bushite claims of consulting God on how to be an effective dictator.

  2. It appears that one GOP primary challenger is gaining traction.See this: KY Tea Party Lashes Out At McConnell (and Benton)

    Keep up the great work, Jesse! You may go down in history as da man who brought down the senate minority leader by managing his campaign.

  3. Jesse Benton will do to the McConnell campaign what Obama did for gun sales and NRA membership in this nation - he is going to be the best friend of the challenger. McConnell hired the one guy who managed to piss off all of the ron paul people, who are by far the most intelligent and dedicated army of activists in the nation. Yeah, I would be pretty worried if I was McConnell now. LOL