Sunday, January 5, 2014

"Anti-Tax Crusader" Grover Norquist Has Given His Blessing to Taxes on Marijuana

With anti-tax crusaders like this, who needs tax supporters? Bruce Bartlett writes in te Fiscal Times:
[A]nti-tax crusader Grover Norquist has given his blessing to taxes on marijuana, since it is an extension of existing taxes on cigarettes and liquor applied to a comparable commodity, rather than a new tax per se. 
If Norquist was a real anti-tax crusader, he would be trying to get cigarette and liquor taxes abolished , not blessing a marijuana tax. Isn't that what an anti-tax crusader should be doing?

Curiously, in his column, Bartlett does not provide a clue as to his position on such taxes, though, he does spend a considerable part of the column discussing how much revenue such taxes will generate for state governments. No comment at all about how tax revenues distort the economy and misdirect funds to bureaucratic monsters. Just a big blank from Bartlett.