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Did LBJ Have Martin Luther King Killed?

Robert Morrow (phone  512-306-1510) emails:

Bob, the King family has been on the public record since 1997, stating they believe LBJ was part of the plot to murder MLK. I do think the government murdered King. Was LBJ involved? I don't know but he had the chops for it!

In 1997, Dexter Scott King, son of Dr. Martin Luther King declared that he and his family believed that James Earl Ray was not guilty of the murder of his father, the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. In a televised interview, Mr. King asserted that President Lyndon B. Johnson must have been part of a military and governmental conspiracy to kill Dr. King.

I have absolutely no doubt that Lyndon Johnson was capable of murdering MLK, probably over his opposition to the Vietnam War, which drove LBJ from office. As I outline in my book - the Man Who Killed Kennedy-the Case Against LBJ, Johnson was responsible for at least eight murders prior to the murder of John Kennedy, More likely is MLK's potential support for the hated Robert Kennedy (an LBJ arch enemy for obvious reasons - LBJ murdered JFK) in the 1968 Presidential campaign. Just 19 days before he was murdered King, under intense government surveillance and picked up on an FBI wire-tap) told long-time political ally Kelly Brown that RFK was his “secret main man” in the race for President, J. Edgar Hoover, who hated King, told LBJ about the comment according to Clark Clifford. LBJ knew King has been pivotal for JFK in his narrow win over Nixon. Dr. King was murdered on April 4, 1968. RFK, who shocked the insiderswhen he said he would release all the JFK Assassination documents, was himself assassinated after winning the California Democratic primary on June 6, 1968.

As the New York Times Reports the Family of Dr. King think LBJ played a role in King's Murder
By KEVIN SACK, June 20, 1997
Three months ago, Dexter Scott King declared that he and his family believed that James Earl Ray was not guilty of the murder of his father, the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Tonight, in a televised interview, Mr. King asserted that President Lyndon B. Johnson must have been part of a military and governmental conspiracy to kill Dr. King.
''Based on the evidence that I've been shown, I would think that it would be very difficult for something of that magnitude to occur on his watch and he not be privy to it,'' Mr. King said on the ABC News program ''Turning Point.''
Mr. King, who heads the Martin Luther King Jr. Center for Nonviolent Social Change in Atlanta, suggested that the Army and Federal intelligence agencies were involved in his father's assassination, in Memphis on April 4, 1968.
''I am told that it was part and parcel Army intelligence, C.I.A., F.B.I.,'' he said in the interview. ''I think we knew it all along.''
Mr. King's older brother, Martin Luther King 3d, said in the television interview that Mr. Ray had ''basically nothing to do with this assassination.''
Mr. Ray, 69, is dying of liver disease in a state prison hospital in Nashville. He originally confessed to the killing and was sentenced to 99 years in prison. Several days later, he recanted, saying that his lawyers had encouraged him to plead guilty to avoid the death penalty.
A Congressional inquiry and studies by several historians have concluded that Mr. Ray was almost certainly involved in the killing, although others may have played a part in a conspiracy.
The notion of a conspiracy by the Army and intelligence agencies to kill Dr. King has long been expounded by William F. Pepper, Mr. Ray's lawyer, who is seeking a trial for his client. In recent months, Mr. King, his three siblings, and their mother, Coretta Scott King, have apparently embraced Mr. Pepper's theories.
In the broadcast, Forrest Sawyer of ABC undermined at least part of Mr. Pepper's theory by introducing Mr. Pepper to Billy Eidson. Mr. Eidson is a retired Army officer whom Mr. Pepper has described as the leader of a unit that was ready to kill Dr. King if the assassin did not succeed.
Mr. Pepper has asserted that Mr. Eidson was himself later assassinated. After being presented with Mr. Eidson, Mr. Pepper said, ''I acknowledge that maybe I was provided with wrong information.''
In March, Dexter King traveled to Nashville to meet with Mr. Ray, and told him face to face that he and his family believed Mr. Ray's declarations of innocence.
With the King family's support, Mr. Pepper has won court approval for new ballistics tests on the rifle linked to Mr. Ray and the killing of Dr. King. Mr. Pepper hopes that new forensic methods will prove that the rifle did not fire the fatal shot. The tests have been completed, but a hearing has yet to be held on the results.
In the ABC program, Mrs. King and Andrew Young, formerly a top aide to Dr. King as well as a former chief delegate to the United Nations and Mayor of Atlanta, called on President Clinton to appoint a commission to investigate the killing again. Mrs. King proposed that anyone with information about the assassination be granted amnesty.
Neither Mr. Young nor any of the Kings could be reached for comment today.


  1. Robert, did you intend to post Robert Morrow phone number?

    1. Robert likes his phone number listed on his posts.

  2. It wouldn't surprise me one bit that the state decided to kill him after Dr. King took his anti-war stance public.

  3. Maybe I qualify as a conspiracy theorist, but when asked if I think that LBJ had MLK assassinated my response is, "Of course! Who else?"

    It seems so obvious to me.

  4. LBJ was Killer in Chief - the most murderous president in American history. He was in on the murder of JFK, RFK, MLK, and 50000 US troops in Viet Nam, and thousands of innocent citizens there.


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