Wednesday, July 5, 2017

TimeWarner May Have to Shut Down CNN Before the Acquisition of TimeWarner By ATT Takes Place

There is an interesting deep story to the internet war on CNN.

TimeWarner is the parent of CNN. But TimeWarner is much, much more than CNN.

The corporate giant also owns  HBO, TNT, the film studio Warner Bros, DC Comics, (10% of Hulu),  Time Inc., AOL, Warner Books and Warner Music Group--among various other media entities.

The theme that ties them all together is that they are all businesses oriented toward the consumer. That is, the types of businesses that are vulnerable from many directions to the type of internet attack that has been launched against CNN.

Here's the $85.4 billion kicker.

AT&T Inc has announced an $85.4 billion deal to buy Time Warner. The merger is currently being reviewed by the Justice Department.

AT&T Inc. is another very heavily consumer-oriented business with its cell phone business and other cable, telecommunications and digital entertainment services.

Does AT&T Inc. really want to dish out $85.4 billion to become a potential additional target in the Internet war against CNN? Does TimeWarner really want to kill an  $85.4 billion pay day by keeping CNN alive, when CNN is really a minuscule source of revenue for the corporate giant?

The threat made by CNN to dox (reveal the name of) the original creator of the Trump wrestlemania meme that was retweeted by President Trump is one of the dumbest things I have ever seen done by a major corporation. If you understand the internet players now involved in the attack on CNN,  CNN's existence comes into question, especially with an $85.4 billion acquisition hanging in the balance.



  1. Replies
    1. As in: The Network you love to hate...? Could be. You have a dirty mind.

    2. @ Unowned: You nailed it. In TeeVee land, better ratings = more profits. Jon Rappoport did a piece recently discussing the connections between Jeff Zucker and Trump (and Arnold Schwarzenegger). It's not a coincidence that he was head of NBC at the time of Trump's wildly profitable Apprentice and is now head of CNN during Trump's election and presidency. Kind of a weird career trajectory but extremely profitable for him and Trump. Like billions profitable. I am starting to think the whole CNN/Trump thing and maybe the whole Trump presidency is just "reality" TeeVee writ large.

    3. This puts the Russian election hacking story that wouldn't die in a whole new light: it's farcical and inconsequential in the big scheme of things, but it gives a substantial viewership something to cheer and seath over. In other words... perfect television!

  2. If this merger goes through without significant changes at CNN I'll seriously consider dumping the AT&T in my portfolio to reinvest elsewhere.

  3. The internet trolls aren't going to take down any major corporation or a mid size one either.

    As flavor flave says. Don't believe the hype