Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Tubbs to Give People Free Money For a Year

This is completely asinine. Fos News reports:
Stockton {alifronia plans to give several dozen families $500 a month for a year as part of a program to study the economic and social impacts of giving people a basic income.

The so-called “SEED” project will give a small group of low-income residents a modest, no-strings-attached monthly income. Funded by a million-dollar private grant from a tech group called the Economic Security Project — co-led by Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes — SEED creates a real-world research model of what’s known as universal basic income.

“I think it will make people work better and smarter and harder and also be able to do things like spend time with their families because we’re not robots. We’re not just designed just to work all day and run a rat race,” Mayor Michael Tubbs [age 27] told NPR.
But should we be surprised that this nutty plan is being launched in Stockton?

Stockton, a city of 300,000 residents, filed for bankruptcy in 2013 for its past mismanagement of government funds. It also should be noted that in a 2010 Gallup poll, Stockton was tied with Montgomery, Alabama for the most obese metro area in the US with an obesity rate of 34.6 percent.

Hey Tubbs, fill me in on the logic of why giving obese people money is going to make them work better and harder.

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  1. Don't blame Tubbs. It's free money. Block would take it, gladly. Me too.

    1. I'm sure you'd "work better and smarter and harder" as well...

    2. Heck yeah. Money make me smarter. /s (in case you missed it)

  2. If giving money to some people will make them "work better and smarter and harder and also be able to do things like spend time with their families," doesn't that mean that the people from whom that money is forcibly taken will work less well and dumber and less hard and mean they can spend less time with their families?

  3. "We’re not just designed just to work all day and run a rat race."
    Well, except for The Productive Class, that is, who will naturally be expected to "work all day and run a rat race" in order to fund the slothful lifestyle of the Rotters.

  4. The new mindless mantra: Better Smarter and Harder Clap clap!
    Better Smarter and Harder Clap Clap!
    Better Smarter and Harder Clap Clap! (ad infinitum)


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