Sunday, July 22, 2018

Oh Yeah, The Really, Really Amazing Tree Cutting Machine

Check out the video below. It is titled the "Most Terrifying Machine In The World."

But the machine is absolutely magnificent. The video is only two minutes and 39 seconds long but it is incredible how many trees can be cut down by one man sitting in the cab. This is a massive gain in productivity. That's what capital always brings. And it frees up many lumberjacks to do other work. Remember, it is the lump of labor fallacy to think there are only a set amount of jobs and that lumberjacks won't be able to find other work.

Just think about this. A fixed set of trees can be cut down with a lot less labor. The freed-up labor then works in other sectors. If the tree production stays the same and the former lumberjacks do other work, then it means more goods and services are created overall, thus raising the general standard of living.


(ht Stephen Boice)