Friday, January 27, 2012

March Madness: Bernanke versus Rothbard, Salerno and Thornton

The Federal Reserve Board has just announced that Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke will deliver a series of lectures aimed at college students.

Beginning on March 20, he will lead four classes on "The Federal Reserve and its Role in Today's Economy" as part of a course offered to undergraduates at the George Washington University School of Business. The class will feature a variety of speakers who will discuss central banking. Chairman Bernanke's lectures are scheduled for March 20, 22, 27 and 29 and will begin at 12:45 pm EDT.

Online viewing will be available to the public at . After the lectures, the Board will post transcripts and video recordings at

To ensure that students of the Fed receive all perspectives, I will be posting videos here on opposing views, on the same days as Bernanke lectures. Bernanke's lectures are at 12:45 PM and I will post videos here six hours later at 6:45 PM and I will moderate and open the comment section to discussion. Hopefully, we can get a great debate going.

Here's what I will be posting opposite Bernanke.

On March 20: The Founding of The Federal Reserve by Murray Rothbard

On March 22: From Hoover to Roosevelt: The Federal Reserve and the Financial Elites by Murray Rothbard (Narrated by Matthew Mezinskis)

On March 27: The Federal Reserve as a Confidence Game: What They Were Saying in 2007 by Mark Thornton

On March 29: Economists and the Myths of Central Banking by Joseph T. Salerno

And we will go into overtime on March 30 with:

The Immoral Federal Reserve by Lew Rockwell

and the final shot by Murray Rothbard: What is the proper role of the Federal Reserve?


  1. RW,

    This is a great idea, hopefully Lew Rockwell will catch wind, maybe as well and they will repost your video lessons. It's so vital to spread the sound economic word.

    RIP to the legend Murray Rothbard!

  2. Good on you! this is an opportunity to make a lot of noise. I hope every other libertarian website follows suit.

    Keep up the good work!

  3. Wow, Bennie sure is prolific! What won't he do to make life worse for these poor students.

    First he wrecks their savings through inflation, then he jacks their tuition through the roof with his artificial interest rates and ridiculous bond buying programs, and now he proposes to ruin their afternoons with sleep inducing lectures held by apologists for the system that's making them worse off.

    What an #@$@#%.

  4. I will be there (um, here), but then you probably already knew that. I hope that some of the professional Austrian economists take part, as well.

  5. Call the course Counterfeiting 101.
    with a lecture entitled:
    People are so stupid that they allow us to own them

  6. I'm going to try to get into the lectures. Maybe I can introduce some Wenzel-Rothbard into the live version!

  7. Simon Johnson takes a swipe at the gold standard. His version of boom bust cycles is one of market failures.

    More Power to you Bob

  8. Bravo!

    It's an uphill battle right now to convince 'radical' 'liberal' college students that a central bank controlled by unelected elites is a sinister institution that is antithetical to freedom. The information is out there, may it set them free!