Monday, July 12, 2010

Is It Time to Leave America?

I am asked this question more often than you would expect.

Clearly, many people are thinking things are only going to get worse and not get better any time soon in America.

The short answer is that no one has to leave TODAY, but a lot of people should be preparing to leave. The world is a very complex place, as Mises and Hayek taught us. It is hard to know with exactness much too far in advance what will happen. Right now it looks like the trend is toward more and more regulation, which will suffocate life in America. It's possible that could change, but the wise person is thinking about escape routes.

One of the problems I have with those who ask me about leaving America is that they seem to think about it in a macro sense, that is, they assume there will come a day when there is a clear signal that everyone should leave.

I don't believe that will be the case. If more regulations come forth out of Washington D.C., as it appears they will, it will affect some more than others, and may pass others by completely.

Medical doctors are at the top of the list, in my view, of those who should be thinking about leaving the U.S. soon. They should be pretty close to packing their bags. Once Obamacare kicks-in, Medical rates will be controlled by the government. How a doctor treats a patient will be controlled. What types of patients a doctor will be able to see will be controlled. If I was a physician, I would start thinking about setting up in one of the Caribbean Islands or South America, close enough to the U.S. so that wealthy Americans would be willing to fly to be treated.

Also at the top of the list of those who should have plans in the final stages are political bloggers. All this talk about AN internet kill switche scares me. There will be enormous pressure from very powerful commercial internet groups to prevent the broad-based kill switch  from being implemented for any significant period of time.. But, the idea of the kill switch hints that the government is indeed scared of the internet. If they can't shut down the entire net, they will, when they deem it necessary, shutdown political bloggers who don't support the regime. How they actually shut things down is not exactly something I want to hang around to find out.

While medical doctors and political bloggers, are at the top of the list, others may be able to survive without much government harassment. There is little reason, at this time. for, say, the government to harass a Southern California surfer dude or, perhaps, a Maine lobsterman. The surfer dude and the lobsterman may be able to stick it out under totalitarian conditions for a long time, and live comfortably.

The answer to when someone should leave America is a personal one. But it is better to be years too early than a day to late. Ludwig von Mises saw what was coming in Austria and he left, while many other Jews failed to act and were killed.

But that doesn't mean everyone had to flee Germany and Austria. I recently spoke to a German girl whose grandfather was of military age when Hitler was on the rise. He had broken his arm and thus was deemed unfit for the German army. He remained working on a farm, during the entire war, a realtively peaceful and calm life.

Everyone should be thinking about options, but there are some of us that should be thinking about those options in a lot more detail than others. What everyone should be thinking about is how new regulations will, or will not, impact you, and how much will it change your life and suffocate you. It is quite possible that things could get so bad that most will want to leave. But the first wave of those that should leave are those that the government is likely to take direct aim at in the near future.


  1. paying 33% income tax, 9.75% Los Angeles sales tax and 5+% inflation tax - that's enough of a "dead aim" at me, to make me want to leave right now... It's hard to trade the devil you know for the one you don't.

  2. The question isn't when to leave, it's where to go. The system is global and built that way on purpose. And there is always the problem with not being "given permission" to leave. Your "their" food after all, figuratively speaking...

    1. since when do you need permission to leave? Unless theres a warrant out for your arrest you are perfectly free to buy a ticket and board a plane anytime you want. For now.

    2. Not entirely true. I have a friend who owes more than $2,000.00 of child support. He cannot legally obtain a passport to travel out of the country.

  3. To Tom Garrett
    In 50-x income tax on amount over 3 mil. was 92%.At this time USA made a big improvement in economy . Now you make all money from American people and do not want to pay 33%? You and people like you are so stupid and greedy. You try to cut a branch what you sit right now.

  4. To the anonymous comment directed at Tom Garrett. I see this number thrown around quite a bit, but have never seen an analysis that actually compares the debt burden then vs. now. I am curious to see what an individual would keep now vs. then on say a hypothetical 100K dollars. Bob do you have any input on this? I really have my doubts that an individual making 100K only got to keep 8K back in the day, and gets to keep 65K now. If anyone knows of any decent studies that have been done on this I would love to be pointed their way, otherwise I may do this analysis myself one day... when I have time.

  5. The last time I checked, the taking of one's property without their voluntary consent was called stealing. There is no such thing as a "fair tax" if it's taken by force.

    1. It's legal for local, State, and Federal governments under this little thing called Emminent Domain. ANd States and local governments use that legal provision significantly more than the federal government. As far as this artile, it's for twits. It's hyperbole at its worst, using far reaching specualtion on par with urban legends.

  6. My partner and I just began the process of moving our company offshore, at a 90% tax reduction. As the regulatory and tax state becomes more sclerotic, companies that can move WILL move to avoid punitive taxes and laws. The idiots will remain.

  7. Iceland just passed a law called IMMI for 100% reporting freedom.

    Host your websites in Iceland and you are untouchable, plus you get to give the finger to the bankers that crashed their economy :)

    Good Hosting company in Iceland:

  8. I guess FIGHTING, like our ancestors did, is out of the question?

  9. I know a very successful online business owner that moved out of America to Singapore in 2007. It was the same year that Jim Rogers, international investor sold his home in America and moved to the same country, Singapore. They both believed that there will be the greatest economic shift after the Great Depression in the 1930's. Back then it is from Europe to the US, today it is from the US to Asia.

  10. There are a lot of weak and stupid Democracy parasites in the USA who think they are entitled to other people's lives and earnings...These people are the ones that need to be eliminated!

  11. While Europe was busy killing itself in 1944 in the deadliest war ever known, patrons were going to the opera in Argentina. There is no need to stay, suffer, starve, or die.

  12. Senator Joe Lieberman tells us the president needs a switch to shut down the internet if need be. This man is an Indepedent senator, a confidant of John McCain, a former democratic party VP candidate and a self-described "Orthodox Jew". Any statement made by a politician or media personality that is deemed "Anti-Semetic" is fired. Only the internet is currently beyond this reach. We must guard it!

  13. Fight like our ancestors? Ideally yes, but the technological reality is civilian AR-15 vs. Predator drones, Apache helos killing from miles away, body-armored SWAT teams, 50 cal mounted Humvees, paid civilian informants, biometric checkpoints, microwave weapons that literally cook your skin. Hmm...

    I'll fight from afar I guess. After many months of casual research I've concluded Central and South America have lots of opportunity if you already have money and are willing to learn passable Spanish. Little regulation, stunning scenery, low cost of living, abundant water and prodigious amounts of easily grown healthy food. Already discovered, but still looking good: Costa Rica, Panama. Particularly appealing, but more raw: Ecuador and Nicaragua. The search continues, but at some point I want to GTFO. We have passports, cash and gold at the ready. My canary in the coal mine is any indication whatsoever of the suspension of elections in the U.S. due to 'national security/terrorism.'

  14. My mother and grandfather are Australian citizens, I've lived in America my whole life. I am seriously thinking about expatriating there. Will Australia fare better in the coming crisis?

  15. "My canary in the coal mine is any indication whatsoever of the suspension of elections in the U.S. due to 'national security/terrorism.' "

    you might want to find another canary... they will not do something so obvious. They prefer to just control the electoral process to give people a illusory choice. In soviet Russia, people voted and elected representatives, you know ? Of course there was only one party to choose from... Stalin said it well: "It does not matter what people vote, but who counts the votes"

  16. Just today Peter Schiff was starkly talking about a likely exodus from the U.S.A. of young people seeking a better future with less taxation. A few weeks ago he wrote about capital controls to prevent/heavily discourage the smart people from pulling out. The smart ones are already gone I say.

  17. "I recently spoke to a German girl whose grandfather was of military age when Hitler was on the rise. He had broken his arm and thus was deemed unfit for the German army. He remained working on a farm, during the entire war, a relatively peaceful and calm life."

    This farm must have been outside the eastern part of Germany which was invaded by Soviet troops. - This man was just lucky. At the farm he found sth to eat and there didn't fall any bombs on his house.
    He might also have lived in the city of Königsberg,or in Breslau, Dresden, ...


  19. "I recently spoke to a German girl whose grandfather was of military age when Hitler was on the rise. He had broken his arm and thus was deemed unfit for the German army. He remained working on a farm, during the entire war, a relatively peaceful and calm life."

    How old was this German "girl"? If her father was of military age during Hitler's rise, she must be well into middle age by now.

  20. If there is a mass exodus out of the country, you can bet that they will impose capital controls. The best thing to do now is to start moving assets offshore. When a Marxist is in the White House, nobody's money is safe.

  21. Please dont come to Germany, because we´re trying to escape from "our" fukcing country too. If you like to work for 2$ per hour - try Germany. This country is hells country !

  22. Leaving America or the United States?

  23. Leaving the United States to find America.

  24. Excellent article.
    I have two other reasons for leaving the USA over the next few years.
    Our terrorist Marxist of a President and his evil and corrupt pro Muslim administratiom have already started prosecuting Christians- it will get MUCH worse!
    Obama's pro Muslim/pro terrorist policies are going to cause the United States to be destroyed by nuclear devices, which will include the detonation of suitcase nuclear bombs in our major cities.
    Quite likely nuclear warhead will be detonated over the middle of our country also, which will destroy our electrical grid.
    Our enemy is our non US citizen President, Hussain Obama, and his filthy, lying, and thieving administration!
    Obama is the American AntiChrist!
    Pure EVIL.

    1. As a Christian prophet,You are very close to the truth.America is under judgment.The Lord has revealed to me that the NYC will soon be destroyed by a 300 kiloton Atom Bomb. Later,a great earthquake will strike the US along the New Madrid faultline in the Mid-west.God is going to crush the wicked,but millions will die in the process.Might want to have another Nation to go to,when this Nation looks like Stalingrad.

  25. "Leaving the United States to find America."

    Guess they'd be moving to Canada then.

  26. Couple of things, Mr. Wentzel. The primary reason for practicing medicine for many doctors is not profit. The Cleveland Clinic and the Mayo Clinic for example, pay their physicians a straight salary. They provide some of the best medical care in the U.S. at a lower cost than most. Secondly, the pursuit of profit very often leads to irresistable greed, see Wall Street and the Financial and Banking industries, which are every bit as devastating to our economy as any regulations we pass.

    1. Amen Sir! Greed will kill this country bringing economic ruin. All of you even considering leaving should go now - and when a two bit fascist dictator in your South American paradise strips you of all your wealth and rights don't ask the good old US of A to come save your greedy butts. "Ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country". You people leaving to protect your gold and silver make me sick.

    2. Sorry to burst the bubble but the people who run the clinics are receiving a salary and bonus for making sure that no one else makes any money. I work for one of these corporate non-profit hell holes and can tell you first hand your healthcare system is circling the drain. As for me, I'm making plans.

  27. Canada is not a good pick, we have a top income tax rate of 48%, starting at $75,000.

  28. Where is a good place then? My wife's a GP, like to roll in some cash. We're in Canada, btw :-)

  29. Capital controls is a SERIOUS reality; get your money out NOW. Ha! It is laughable that so many are getting serious about EX-PAT'ing, but don't realize that the Regime can EASILY shut down all ATM and bank wires. Now how are you gonna live overseas? Time to MOVE, people, before the curtain comes down COMPLETELY

  30. all leave when the going gets tough huh? do you think also that if/when this tough time actually comes to pass and then is over that you are going to sail home with your fortune and start buying up assets on the cheap?

  31. Poor as a church-mouse/mad as a hornet

  32. Yo, dude, the VAST majority of EX-pats are NOT looking to "sail away" and make a fortune. What we want is PEACE and refuge from harrassment, which is something in increasingly small supply here in the U.S.S.R.

  33. Like what the guy just above me said. To quote an old commercial: I'd rather fight than switch."

    But I DO want my kids to leave, however...

    BTW, unless you plan on going to an English speaking country, please plan on LEARNING the new country's LANGUAGE.Don't do what a lot of ex-pats in Mexico do, expect the Mexicans areound them to learn English! It is ridiculous for an ex-Pat in Mexico to not learn Spanish...

  34. My 2 cents. I've been an expat for the last 10 years, and emraced it from the start. No regrets at all.

    The essence of the question is not "when", but "would I". It may be scary, it is clearly out of one's "safety zone", and not everyone has what it takes to leave the home country for good.

    A few things that would help to make that decision:

    1. Give yourself a trial run at it. Go for a relatively long trip to a country of choice, or two, then come back home.

    2. Assume the mindset of a traveller. You don't have to change who you are (i.e. American), you can still love your country, you can feel for your people, etc. But these things can be done abroad, they don't really chain you to a place, or doom you to perish there (if that transpires).

    3. You can take everything you really love with you. Immaterial things can be packed nicely into your heart and taken everywhere you go. Even if they cease to exist at home, they will still be with you, in your heart. This is not a touchy-feely crap, it's what drives people nuts if not managed properly. If done right, you'll be fine anywhere, at peace with yourself and the country you left.

    4. Your country will not be missing you, not even notice you are gone. It should give you a peace of mind.

    5. You can keep in touch with anyone at home. We're in the 21 century, a click away from anyone.

    And the most important thing. When "it is time to leave" the country, it's already late, already a damage control. You will make avoidable mistakes then. Any departure must me thought through well in advance, meticulously prepared, planned and executed. You do NOT want to be a refugee of any kind.

  35. i have to wonder how many of our service men/women, who took an oath to uphold the CONSTITUTION will actually turn their weapons on their own people. yes there will be blood, but there are so many more of "us" than there of "them". eventually "they" will find themselves in a bunker surrounded by thousands of armed, determined AMERICANS and a handful of fanatical supporters. we ALL know how this ends...NO ONE has EVER succeeded at repressing a popular uprising for long (viet nam)

  36. It has been said, it only take 5% of the people to support a revolution to be successful. Add the probability that up to 75% (conservatively) of the military will support the revolution or simply stay out of it, is a good guess. Sorta wonder why, when yomama was "selected" and when the congress decided they were "elite" and the People didn't count, that 3 million people surrounded the capitol and forced the current communist government to abdicate.....

  37. The regime has already lost. They spent their political capital along with their physical capital. Now the oligarchs rely on visions repeating Mao/Stalin's use of force to make a bridge to (their) prosperity.

    They forget that those dictator's supporters had nothing to lose, and never had had anything to lose. They forget that their supporters contributions come with the expectation of further loot when the loot has in fact already been dissipated.

    Today the regime is running on pure momentum. Creditors simply don't want to realize they will not be paid. And the special interest groups simply do not want to realize that the only loot left to divide is either imaginary or will come with more resistance than it is worth. States simply do not want to realize that only their dedication to sending their constituents money on a round-trip through DC divides them from solvency. The populace simply is not ready to realize that the Federal Government is in total a net negative for them.

    Each of those acts of denial is a domino. When any falls it will trigger the others. Then the game is up.

  38. I am a Obama administration (and Bush administration) opponent blogger who wants to mirror the blog. Somebody mentioned the Iceland site which I will certainly check out.

    See my blog at

    One essay was about monetary policy and I am fiercely opposed to the Fed and fiat money. On the right side of the page, click on "2009 (9)."

  39. Our family (five of us from age 6 to 65) moved to a higher tax,more regulated country in search of a more civil society with less overt religious movements. We are neither rich,nor poor,we love America,but believe that America's adjustment toward a sustainable society is going to be ugly,unpleasant,and with an uncertain destination.

    Now,three years on,we know we did what was best for us. Culture,arts,and education are better than we could have imagined.

    In addition to a civil society,we looked for a temporate climate,sufficient access to water,an area that grew much of it's own food,and foremost,government stability. We found it all.

    Some would say we have a lower standard of living now,we would say our quality of life went parabolic.

    The higher taxes turned out to be a bargain.

  40. We need to stand and fight. We cannot run, we cannot hide. This is our land and we must defend it. God demands it and will help us accomplish it. Why anyone would want to throw in the towel and flee to some nation with "less religious movements" and higher taxes is beyond me. We must trust in God and defend our land from the demons that currently are in office due to the sheer stupidity of the electorate to vote in a Muslim seven years after 19 of them hit us on 9-11. We must stand and fight or we will surely find ourselves face-to-face with a ticked-off Jesus Almighty God in all His wrath.

  41. I am too young to have known the Great Depression personally but I have studied history. I saw the signs of another depression coming and left the United States three years ago. (The move was made easier because of my South American bride.)

    I have learned to live on a fraction of the income I used to earn. It was a bit difficult at first, but I eventually not only get used to it, I wondered why I ever thought it was necessary to have so much "stuff."

    I sold two newer cars and bought one used car. I bought a nice house for far less than it would have cost in the United States (even after the housing crash) and paid cash. I do not have a cell phone. I do not have a plasma TV and do not try to "keep up with the Joneses." I no longer shovel snow or get up and go to work.

    My early retirement pension is minimal. But my income taxes are close to non-existent as a result. I barely have any wealth for Obama to redistribute, and that is fine with me. What little I have left in my 401(k) after the crash I have been exchanging for gold and silver. I am certain that they will outperform stocks and bonds.

    I read, I write, I paint, and I sit by the pool and breathe fresh air. I have moments when I miss some family members, but I certainly do not miss the rat race. I do not feel guilty about abandoning the United States; it is no longer the country in which I grew up.

    Will I return to the United States? probably not. But I would relocate to the Republic of Texas or the
    Republic of Alaska. It is not, after all, "the United States of America" that is important, it is liberty. In the meantime, if my freedoms are to be restricted, I may as well live in a tropical climate...

  42. 12:56 PM believes there is a difference between our current political demons and those that preceded even though the trends are continuous.

    I would opine that the political class (both R and D) has abdicated control to the corporate sector and a transnational uber corporate class now effectively runs the US.

    Most of the electorate just don't have enough information to make sound judgements.

  43. Fighting is what we should do, but everyone should also prepare for a worst case scenario. I'm sure there were many freedom-loving Germans who fought the Nazis. But there comes a point where you're going to definitely lose and it's time to leave while the window is still open. Not sure where we are on that timeline...

  44. re: cap. controls
    some Western countries have tough(er)
    reporting requirements, C. american
    banco's will not open new accts.
    PS. oft 1 must report 1. o'seas accts,
    2. taking IN or OUT t.checks, cash, etc overseas
    if over $10k, but 3. not yet coins,
    see web.

  45. Let the discussion continue...
    Recommended read - The Second Mayflower

  46. For those thinking about leaving, how does one support themselves? I'm thinking about an MLM business. One guy wrote an article explaining how he lives in Japan and markets his MLM to people in America. Apparently, with an MLM business you can live anywhere in the world as long as you have access to the internet.

  47. It disappoints me to read stories and comments like this.

    First, where would you go? Seriously, where would you go? Ronald Reagan (a man I feel awkward quoting, given that his spending policy has in many ways lead us to this point) said it best when he said "If we lose freedom here, there's no place to escape to. This is the last stand on earth." You need to find someplace better. Asia? Seriously? For people who have proven that they're exceptionally skilled, yes, this is an option. For the average person reading this, this is not an option. They will not let you in. Even for the skilled, you will be a stranger in a strange land, and they will do your best to make sure you know that every day for the rest of your life. The Middle East is the same way, only in addition there you might be randomly killed because some Islamic extremist woke up on the wrong side of the bed. Europe is even more far gone than us. Sure, you can go to South America. Until a populist "democratic" tyrant rises to power and steals all the foreigners' lands because the foreigners supposedly are responsible for last 7000 years of oppression. Sure, the country you're eyeing might not be that way now, but it only takes a couple of bad years to get the masses rioting.

    Don't run away, you cowards. You're part of the problem, honestly. Shit hits the fan, you pack your bags. It's people like you who are responsible for the mess we're in, and it's people like you who were probably screaming for the bank bailouts because your media masters had you thinking that Wall Street matters and Main Street doesn't. No, you grow a pair. Stay and fight. In America, there's a helluva lot of land. Over in what is derisively called flyover country. You know the place? Where a lot of us grew up before we went to college, med/law/grad school, and got jobs in the cities? Go there. You don't need to leave America. America still exists there, by the way. They will revolt. That's my "escape plan", by the way. I might also add that I'm a physicist. I probably have more schooling than you. When countries go to shit, it's people like me that get to cut into the front of the immigration line. But I'd rather be a farmhand than leave the country I grew up in. The rest of you that probably earned business majors who are getting your panties in a bind because you might not have access to Starbucks every day? You deserve this mess of your own making. May God have mercy on your soul. If I were in His position, I wouldn't.

  48. First off, great article Robert. It's always good to hope for the best, but prepare for the worst.

    Secondly, I do find it amusing that a couple of progressive types found their way on here and bothered posting. Guess they still don't know how to access their HuffPo live feed on their new Apple.

    Third, I also find the conservative/tea party comments of "I WILL FIGHT FOR MY COUNTRY AGAINST THE ISLAMO-TURRIST OBAMOMMY UNLIKE YOU COWARDS" to be equally amusing. Have fun pretending to be [insert any Mel Gibson character ever] in a knock-out drag-out guerilla war (oh noes a SPANISH WORD!), while the libertarian intelligentsia will be living it up in South America with our silver and gold.

  49. I could easily move to Spain or Costa Rica or Arruba or Belise - even Argentina, but I do not know how to transfer & manage my accumulated, retirement fortune.
    I guess I could leave it here to be diminished by economic collapse - so what's the point in leaving ?
    I would rather fight until death, against the forces that are destroying America !

  50. @Anonymous 3:53, do you even read this blog? "probably supported the bailouts"? um yeah no, thanks for playing.

    if anyone is responsible for the current shit-uation we're in now, it's because of stereotypical Republicans like you who quote Ronnie Raygun (like I give a shit what a warmongering GM spokesman mouths about 'freedom'), talk the talk of free markets and the Consitution, but walk the walk of protectionism and federalizing moral issues, and most importantly, for voting for the lesser of 2 evils because of "electability issues" (see, Ron Paul).

    Also, how the hell do you think America came to be free? It was populated by SMART Europeans that chose flight over fight; see Wars of Religion, Napoleonic Wars, English Occupation of Ireland, Unification Wars of Italy & Germany, WWI, WWII.

  51. Goodbye to all of you who'll be leaving.... I cannot say if we'll miss y'all but you leave with my good wishes to find happiness in your new "home". I, however prefer to be "left behind"...

  52. Voting doesn't work--the lesser of 2 evils is still evil and the nation constinues its slide. 3rd parties have no chance, so that is voting for the greater of 2 evils. NOT voting leaves the votes to greater idiots and one of the evils.

    Education is the only thing that can restore freedom--and the Tenth Amendment movement and many others are hard at work. We may yet take our country back.

    But the prudent prepare for anything. If you've never been out of the country, it is time to vacation overseas, get a passport, begin to explore the rest of the world. If you are able to leave, that in itself is a check on tyranny.

    And whether in or outside the USA, I will fight always for the restoration of that Land of Liberty that I remember and that shall always be worthy of my love. There is a great deal that can be done both inside and outside the country's borders.

  53. You folks scared witless of the Muslims need to take a look at who has been running the country into the ground for the last 150 years (yes, the seeds of our current problems were sewn when things looked peachy and someone with power wanted just a little bit more, just a few favors for his buds, etc) -- it wasn't Muslims or illegals.

    As one who was part of the "fight for my country" crew, I think they'd create a nightmare every bit as bad as what they're opposing. HINT: Bush was every bit as bad for this country as Obama is. Obama is very nearly Bush's 3rd term, just a slight different hue to the destruction he's doing.

  54. The antichrist will expand the "beast" system far and wide. There is no escape.

  55. I'm encouraging my kids to foster an international perspective on everything, learn new languages and always, always question government and corporation motives. I'm taking them to Costa Rica next year for immersion and also so I can evaluate real estate.

  56. Shut down the internet? Please. Joe Lieberman probably couldn't even find the nearest Congressional toilet without Google earth. Seriously, the state could not function if the net got killed. Forget about this one, it's a distraction from more realistic possibilities.

  57. I have come to the same conclusion. I'm not a great blogger, but I am an opponent of the Federal Government and the two parties. I will not live in a police state.

    I'm making plans to get out so that if my family also wants to leave they have a place to go. There's not much I can do for them in prison. It's already difficult facing the fact that I'm supporting the regime with my taxes.

    It's either leave or stop paying taxes.

  58. David, good idea on your second option.

    Starve the beast.

    What if everyone who KNEW taxation was theft, decided to 'stop agreeing to theft', immediately ?

    There are plenty who have - they are just quiet about it. If you refuse to stand up like a man, and demand the theft of your goods stop right now, well then, you can see why changes you say you wish would come, don't come.

    We have to desire Liberty for our future posterity, and have more regard for Principle, than for either out own skin, or our STUFF. It's when men value ANYTHING more than freedom, that they lose their freedom.

    It's being free of fear of loss (in a totalitarian regieme, you lose it ALL anyway, so why cling to it in vain ?), that sets the genuine Christian Patriot free to fight with his heart, strength, mind & soul.

    I say Christian not to exclude any right thinking Patriot, but to say that it's a Christian virtue to exhibit such a self-sacrificing attitude, being willing to suffer loss, so that others, generations to come, may gain Liberty.

    Such were the actions of Christ the Redeemer, and of those sincere Pilgrims who first fled tyranny in England to worship Him in the 'wilderness of America', risking death.

    Also of the Founding generations of America, who persevered through much adversity & won Liberty for many.

    We are tremendously in their debt, and must 'pay it forward', by standing for Truth & Liberty in this hour of need.

    And though being properly armed is important, recall that the most simple act to turn back the tyrant is a firm NO !

    If they see even a few saying so, they totally lose their nerve, as either cowards or bullies do when they are opposed by manly firmness.

    Keep up the fight.

    On asserting your personal sovereignty - self-government - and resisting institutionalized theft, a great resource or two is found here:

    "America: Freedom to Fascism" is a must watch expose:

    Much mental & moral ammunition there - pass it along to others, please.


    Samuel Adams - Texas Republic

  59. If anyone would like to check out the Philippines as a place to relocate please email me. I am on the northern coast of Mindanao and provide relocation help on the ground for you.

    Mike Jansen

    OnQuest at

  60. If there were some smart developing countries out there, they would develop programs to facilitate expatriation of Americans with resources and needed skills.

    Me, I HATE that America is in decline. I think we have some years left, but who knows. Don't blame people for toying with the idea of getting out.

    The problem is where...where do you go to get away from Visa and Mastercard and still have toilet paper and deodorant? I mean you can go to lots of decent places where Visa and Mastercard are still accepted. Me I would like to leave the whole global banking cartel behind me.

  61. so every one thanks its time to head out.question is where will i go.if you leave the usa you need a pasport and you can only stay in a country just so long.i am a cherokee indian.if you want to go some place in the usa their is a place in new mexico 7000 ft.above sea level.called timberon new mexico their is no sals tax and food rent is cheap and the people are real nicealso their is a 300.000 aker national forest right beside the north west is great n.dakota to montans is great in montania their is no sales tax and if you like guns they dont have any crazt gun laws you can go in to a gun shop pick out a gun you want and just pay the man no back ground check outs.the bad thing is its very cold up their in the wenter.if you live in a big city or even near one get out soon all the gaings will controll everything the people will be slaves to them.keep all your good friends close to you and help each other stock up on all the dry goods you can get and all the good drinking water you can get a peraon can go a month with out food but with out water you might live a week.and guns you dont need more than you can carry a good 12 guage shot gun and some ruger10/22es are good to have you can get 30 round clips for them and they make a great hunting gun abd a shot gun will keep any one out of your house.stock up all the ammo you can get.soon you will not be able to get ammo or guns.move in to small towns and you need a very good fires aid wate to move when they put up the road

  62. When the second wave of financial panic hits the USA, this time government will not have the capacity to pump money into the economy, without creating further chaos. The UK and Europe are fundamentally in the same situation. Remember when we talked about 1st world countries and 3rd world countries? Who were the 2nd world countries? They were countries such as the Soviet Union and controlled economies - which were either wealthy and corrupted or hiding their true economic situation through controlled markets. The USA is transitioning towards 2nd world status. Many former 3rd world countries, which used to be the debtor nations are now the creditor nations -an example is Brazil. The tables are turning and the world is in transition.

    Farmers who were blocked by subsidy and trade mechanisms from the US and European markets farmed as a REAL business in third world countries. The US and Europe can no longer afford to subsidize and control food and farming markets. Global population is increasing and the Latin American farmers will become rich. If you want to stay in the USA I think the most viable career with long term prospects is farming. Look at the Brazilian or Argentine soy farmers and look at where US big agro-business is. Global demographics is the key. Europe's population is shrinking, Russia's too. If there is further social and economic collapse in the USA a farm is probably a better place to live than a decaying crime ridden urban environment. Or you could join me in South America.

    Spanish or Anglo we share much of common European roots throughout the Americas. The future hope for the Americas is to lose its historical dominating controlling attitude and make friends and influence people in its own back yard - the Americas. We have the ability to form a common economic block. Much of Lat Am needs, and believe it or not, desires many of the good things the USA has to offer - systems, management, technology, efficiency, manufacturing and skills. It no longer needs or want the bad - voodoo economics and failed militaristic foreign policy experiments.

    There is the tendency in a crisis to throw the baby out with the bath water. OK, so now you recognize there has been a paradigm shift that many/most were not prepared for, but you must also realize that the USA has a deep skill base and a huge common market at its doorstep. If you can adapt and survive, you can become farmers (the new rich) build new businesses, export your vitally needed skills and be happy.

    It's hard to have perspective when your government/system has let you down. For Lat Ams this was a usual expected experience, so they are a little more battle-hardened. The sudacos do not hate the gringos - like you now, they don't like many of the things your government did to them in the past. That time is over.

    People not government will build the bridges, share the skills and can build a new America in the Americas. Stop whining, brush yourselves off (used to be a great American tradition 'true grit'), be respectful of your neighbors and (previously) poor cousins and get back to what America is good at - business. Add some humility, compassion, listen, learn, share and there is hope - you have much to offer.

    In short don't think that you have to abandon ship unless you want to, just be aware of inclement conditions, the state of your vessel and change course.

    FYI I moved to Uruguay in 2005, am not a farmer and am truly sad at the corruption of the intent, aims and integrity of the (North) American dream.

  63. If you have to leave, you waited too long...

  64. The person who moved to Uruguay in 2005...what area or town are you in there?

  65. Dont be so passimist. USA is still the best nation to live in. Look how many are craving to come to USA. Do you know how many illegal immigrants live in USA? Where else you find so many illegal immigrants? No doubt it is getting worse, but still better than other nations on the earth.

  66. Earning money online never been this easy and transparent. You would find great tips on how to make that dream amount every month. So go ahead and click here for more details and open floodgates to your online income. All the best.

  67. "Dont be so passimist. USA is still the best nation to live in. Look how many are craving to come to USA. Do you know how many illegal immigrants live in USA? Where else you find so many illegal immigrants? No doubt it is getting worse, but still better than other nations on the earth."

    Really? What are you smoking? Yeah, sure it's better than Mexico and Haiti, but I've got news for you-the lifestyle in Europe is much better.

    I moved in 2003. I had 1000 bucks and a passport, and a plan. I went in search of a cheap apartment, freelance work as an ESL teacher, and took a one month immersion language course. You don't need a visa. You don't have to apply for citizenship-you can stay as a "legal resident". If you are resourceful, friendly, flexible and intelligent, you can leave.

    You can open a bank account in the new country, and bit by bit transfer funds. Or you can simply make money in the new country, and keep a bit in the American bank account. It's not so hard, if you do your research.

    Don't wait for things to get worse. If you wait, it may be too late.

  68. Actually recent trends point not to regulation, but deregulation. Deregulation that permanently destroyed the housing market. Deregulation that made it impossible to obtain credit. Deregulation that allowed Wall Street to milk the taxpayer's piggy bank.

    All these problems existed BEFORE Obamacare and the stimulus, so the notion that Obama made the economy worse is nonsensical and represents the height of fallocy.

    History has shown that deregulation HURTS the economy, not helps it. It isn't even worth debating.

  69. What a bunch of schmucks. I got news for the Tom Garret and his like: Almost all of Europe has higher personal income tax, social security tax than US, and VAT that makes sales tax look tame.

    I would love to live in another country, but it wouldn't be for imagined reasons that blame Obama or taxes.

    Forbes tax burden data

  70. Call me a coward, but I am quitting the United States Army and leaving the United States. All my family is getting laid off one by one and now that their could be delays in pay when I go to Afghanistan is just bad news. I will not ride this out nor will I support the War on Terror when I have researched planned terror attacks created by the US government such as Operation Northwoods to invade Cuba. My views about America have changed. I am sorry if I have let the American people down, but our government has let us down. Not only that, but we are slowly losing our constitutional rights to Homeland Security and the Patriot Act. Choosing whether you are a democrat or republican will not change anything. The best thing to do is to leave.

    1. But go where man im scared for my life and my mothers life?? Where can we possible go to be safe from global harm from these crooks?

    2. AnonymousApr 7, 2011 09:29 PM
      Call me a coward, but I am quitting the United States Army and leaving the United States. All my family is getting laid off one by one and now that their could be delays in pay when I go to Afghanistan is just bad news. I will not ride this out nor will I support the War on Terror when I have researched planned terror attacks created by the US government such as Operation Northwoods to invade Cuba. My views about America have changed. I am sorry if I have let the American people down, but our government has let us down. Not only that, but we are slowly losing our constitutional rights to Homeland Security and the Patriot Act. Choosing whether you are a democrat or republican will not change anything. The best thing to do is to leave.

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  71. I have never seen a more ignorant assortment of idiots on this forum. Seriously, some of you losers don't even have the capacity to spell properly and you lecture to everyone else.

    First of all it is possible to live abroad without having to come back to the toilet known as the United States. I have lived in Latin America and despite comparative lag behind the U.S. in infrastructure and its corruption, I find it to be a more palatable place to live with far more friendly and welcoming people. Americans are assholes. They are religious, ignorant assholes to. You can't deny that fact. Sorry. I for one will not be sorry to leave.

  72. People who bitch endlessly about the government are an everyday thing, yet at election time they still keep voting for Democrats and Republicans. Doing the same thing again and again and expecting different results is known as INSANITY. The American people will never wake up. We won't see positive change in this country until it collapses Roman Empire-style and is rebuilt from the ground up.

  73. I'm sorry you guys but for a year I've been checking out the Philippines, learning about malaria , not as bad as everyone thinks, and all the other parasites. I've decided I can fight the parasites better than those guys with the microwave weapons. It's not just the government but the people here have turned greedy. Everyone is running a scam. The Gov is the biggest one. They are trying to convince the people they are going to help them and the people here want this to be the best country in the world. When you want something you are dead open to being taken. The philippines is a beautiful country. I'm out of here.