Friday, June 15, 2012

Larison: Content of Rand's Endorsement Ought to be Alarming

Daniel Larison, at The Week, with a deep consideration of Rand Paul's foreign policy comments and the views of Mitt Romney:
Did Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) betray his father's political movement by endorsing Mitt Romney last week? No... but the content of Rand's endorsement ought to be alarming for the supporters of Rep. Ron Paul's (R-Texas) presidential campaigns, and for anyone interested in a more restrained and prudent foreign policy. While Rand is not as strictly non-interventionist as his father, no one could confuse him for a hawk in the mold of Florida's Marco Rubio. When the Kentucky senator praised Romney for his "mature" foreign policy and asserted that the Republican nominee believed war should be a last resort, he hurt his reputation with his strongest supporters and undermined the critique of Republican foreign policy that has been central to his father's message. No less important, Rand provided Romney with valuable political cover for a foreign policy that appears to be every bit as reckless as that of George W. Bush...

The problem is not just that Paul gave Romney a free pass on foreign policy. He lent credibility to the idea that Romney's aggressive rhetoric on the subject doesn't mean anything, and can therefore be safely dismissed by voters worried about a return to the Bush era. Unfortunately, there is every reason to believe that Romney is channeling the views of his most hawkish advisers and promoting the foreign policy favored by veterans of the Bush administration. There is nothing in the public record to suggest that Romney's foreign policy would be one that Rand Paul could support.
Note: Rand did the same thing on the domestic front when he gave the absurd impression that the views on the Fed held by Romney and that of his father were similar.

This is the problem with Rand's endorsement of Romney. It is not a lesser of two evils endorsement. It is an attempt to distort Ron Paul's message and give the impression that Romney has the same view, when Romney is a warmongering (He even thinks Russia remains a threat)tool of the banksters that has no intention of as much as cutting the Fed's budget for staples.