Friday, July 13, 2012

Oh Boy, A Letter from a Chicago Resident about the South Side

Magdalene M. a Chicago resident, has sent the below email in response to my post, A Libertarian Solution to Stop the Violence on the South Side of Chicago. I want to emphasize this is her view and not mine, but it is important to understand the views of all, including all in Rhamaland.

I also want to note that I don't know many people from the south side of Rhamaland, but the few I know are very decent people working hard everyday to make ends meet. That said, the south side certainly has plenty of LBJ's great grandkids. And, I continue to believe that LBJ's Great Society programs, minimum wage laws, government education and government in general are at the core of the problems on the south side of Chicago. Here's Ms M's take on the south side:
I enjoy your website very much. But I found myself snickering when you suggested that the people of the south side stop paying taxes. The people of the south side are taxeaters. They do not pay taxes!

The southsiders get link cards, which pay for all their meals (and cigarettes and booze). Additionally, breakfast and lunch are free at Chicago public schools and the link cards are not adjusted for this fact. The school program exists because the parents don't feed their children despite having the link card.

Most of the residents rent using Section 8 vouchers. When the southsiders venture up along Michigan Avenue, say to Nordstroms or Water Tower, it is to shoplift. Suffice it to say, most of the southsiders aren't paying sales tax. The ones who do produce credit cards tend to either have a fake card, or to not pay their bills. Either way, again, the southsider did not pay sales tax. The lingo of choice in Chicago is to call the southsiders apple pickers because of their propensity to steal IPads and IPhones. Though they did break the windows and rob Louis Vuitton and recently broke into the Omega watch store also.

Oh, and the residents get free electricity and free cellphones with up to 300 minutes per month usage.

The solution to the problems the city has is to cordone off the south and west sides.

There is no liberterian solution to the problems one sees. Recently, our dear police chief blamed black crime on the Pilgrims. And the black community applauded. A community that plays victim, is not accountable, is not responsible creates what you read of daily in Chicago.

Mr. Wenzel, open your eyes. These people engaging in this behavior are low iq, impulsive and violent. Short of jailing all the people, nothing will change.

Your suggestions amused me but if you knew of the reality, your piece would have been published in the Onion and not on your blog!