Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Koch Brothers Postpone Post-Election Meeting

The Koch brothers are postponing their semi-annual meeting with donors, Republican politicians and conservative activists, National Review reports.

Charles Koch announced the postponement in an email, where he  called the election results "disappointing." 

According to NR, here is what Koch wrote in an email to his inner circle:

Despite November’s disappointing election results, I am convinced that America’s long-term decline is far from a foregone conclusion. Our goal of advancing a free and prosperous America is even more difficult than we envisioned, but it is essential that we continue, rather than abandon, this struggle.
We are working hard to understand the election results, and based on that analysis, to re-examine our vision and the strategies and capabilities required for success. Although some of the needed changes are already evident, it will be several months before the state data necessary to complete this analysis is available.
Actually, one thing Koch might try is to stop looking at state poll data results and just start promoting liberty. Does he think Ron Paul spent his time looking at poll data? 


  1. Populists are poll driven. When you become purely poll driven you start to think that you need to come up with new programs and new ideas to garner interest. Once you are thinking up new ideas and new programs you are already starting to look at how you can progress you new ideas and new programs.

    See what that leads to? It's called being Progressive, and Lenin was a fan.

  2. I should probably just wait for the USDA to show up my doorstep and insist that they have the right to regulate my three cats. Ridiculous.