Saturday, September 28, 2013

Rothbard's Wiki Vandalized!

An EPJ reader emails:

Please take some time to read Rothbard's wikipedia entry:

Vandals have attempted to smear Rothbard by associating him with white supremacists and overemphasizing otherwise insignificant political musings.  They've attempted to associate him with David Duke, the KKK, and opposition to Martin Luther King.  For example, his "political activism" section is incredibly selective in its information.  The Wikipedia term for this is "undue weight", meaning the bulk of his work is deliberately omitted to skew the reader's impressions.

Of all the people Rothbard opposed, they put Martin Luther King?  How about Milton Friedman?  Of all the people Rothbard was influenced by, they list David Duke?  How about Hayek?  This is clearly a malicious attack.

I believe your readers can help clear Rothbard's name.  Check the Wayback Machine for an idea of what this page should look like: