Friday, October 9, 2015

Thank You, Janet Yellen

Frontpage headlines at MarketWatch today:


  1. In the old days, certain bars would serve Pepto-Bismol with a shot of Vodka. Reading Yellen tells me that the latest must be a big dose of Klonopin with a side of LSD. "LOOK! The spiders are all laughing!..."

    Things must be far, far worse than we've been told and we've told how bad things really are.

    Where do we go, RW? Northern Hemisphere seems out. That leaves...Uruguay? Australia? New Zealand? YIKES!


  2. I wonder will she be as critical of herself as she was her former boss?

    via Bloomberg 2010
    "March 27 (Bloomberg) -- Alan Greenspan disputed suggestions by his former central bank colleague and current San Francisco Federal Reserve Bank President Janet Yellen that the Fed could have headed off the housing bubble by raising interest rates.............Yellen, who served as a governor on the Washington-based Fed board from 1994 to 1997 when Greenspan was at the helm, told a conference last June that “higher short-term interest rates probably would have restrained the demand for housing” and “slowed the pace of house price increases” before the bubble burst in 2006."