Tuesday, January 19, 2016

DiCaprio Slams 'Corporate Greed'

In Davos, Switzerland while receiving an award at the World Economic Forum.Leonardo DiCaprio, who makes in the neighborhood of $25 million per film. slammed 'corporate greed.'


  1. In defense of this, "corporate greed" these days usually translates to "cronyist greed." Getting people to wake up to the cronyist vs. productive entrepreneur distinction should be our job #1. It's good people feel anger and indignance at cronyist greed and would be a mistake for us to try to temper that.

    1. If past events are any indication of future ones, that resentment can easily be misdirected (again) to the productive entrepreneurs.

  2. I believe the point was the irony that a very rich multimillionaire who made his fortune in Hollywood, one of the most corrupt, "cronyist" industries out there, is preaching about "corporate greed."

  3. I just watched The Aviator, Leo's 2004 movie about Howard Hughes. It had a good anti-crony capitalist message.

  4. It's too bad that bear didn't rape him for real.