Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Tyler Cowen Discovers a Marginal Teaching Moment in the NBA

Kind-of interesting. He writes:
The NBA’s marginal revolution in triple-doubles

If [Draymond] Green is truly gunning for triple doubles, there should be an increase in his production in the third stat category in games once he has secured a double-double. When Green has locked up a points/rebounds double-double, his assists per minute increases to 0.27 from 0.21. Similarly, when he has a points/assists double-double, his rebounds per minute rises to 0.44 from 0.28 and when he has an assists/rebounds double-double, his points per minute goes up to 0.69 from 0.40...

 I still think that sports as a medium for teaching both economics and statistics to younger individuals (and others) remains a somewhat underexplored opportunity…


  1. Sports is definitely a great way to learn about economics and statistics. I'm not sure if I agree that it's a "somewhat underexplored opportunity". Maybe he's correct in an academic sense. But there's plenty of information and "advanced stats" now for sports like baseball and basketball.

  2. Shooting percentages, batting averages, figuring out multiples of 7 by watching football teams score touchdowns. Definitely great practice for young kids that learn quickly via their passion for information about the game