Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Bernie's Socialist View on Venezuelan Food Lines




  1. B.S. - "no comment"


  2. Every time I see a Bernie Sanders bumper sticker I think of that redneck comedian that had that bit about how stupid people should have a sign to warn others that they are stupid. This is what a Bernie bumper sticker is.

  3. And yet with all of that misery, the socialists remain in power. This is what is so disconcerting: that events must become so onerous before anyone entertains, or is unable to prevent, the abandonment of utopian dreams in favor of freedom. If it were to happen here, how many years would it last? Could it ever be undone?

  4. Bernie should buy a one-way ticket to Caracas and join the food lines and proclaim to the queue, "this is good! this is good!", and see where that gets him.


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