Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Trump: The Minimum Wage Has to Go Up

Donald Trump displays more economic ignorance.

Minimum wage laws are evil.

If Trump becomes president, I am going to have no problem finding material for EPJ.

Come to think of it, I won't have problems with material if Hillary is president either,

Donnie or Hillary as president won't be good for most of you, but it will be a gift to EPJ.



  1. So let met get this straight. You're endorsing Donnie and Hillary for prez. /sarc

  2. That press conference was awesome! Yeah so he said it should go up but he atleast promoted a states right issue. From an anarchist pov it's atleast a smaller govt to deal with. And the people of the states that eliminated it would benefit more than the ones that raise it. He also referred to past "presidents" as having been responsible for the mess we are in. And called Hillary on so many things and the msm on so many things. And pretty much disrespected our past president (and his mistress) and our current president and his idiot sidekick. And all of the people we hate. He answered 15 questions about Russia that the media only asked because Hillary wants to deflect her problems. I mean sure he's horrible on many economic issues but that was something that most politicians would not do and would not handle as well as he did. That's atleast a glimpse of "change". He follows libertarian sites. He's the closest chance there has been arguably ever to a chance at Austrian thinking in the wh. Certainly needs a serious shove but that press conference was awesome!