Friday, October 10, 2008

It's A Goldman Sachs World: Compare and Contrast

Bear Stearns---GONE

Lehaman Brothers---GONE

Morgan Stanley---Trading at $8.00 down from $69.02

Goldman Sachs---Trading at $101.35

Treasury Secretary Paulson---Former Chairman and CEO Goldman Sachs

New "Special Government Employee" to help Paulson with the bank "bailout" Ken Wilson: Coming from Goldman Sachs The temporary post will subject him to less stringent ethics rules than many other high-level officials, according to FT.

Neel Kashkari named Treasury Interim Assistant Secretary for Financial Stability--Former Goldman Sachs man. "Interim" and "Assistant" probably means that he also will be subject "to less stringent ethics rules than many other high-level officials."

Goldman Sachs becomes bank holding company on September 21. On October 6, Treasury Secretary and former Goldman head signs tax rule changes giving huge tax benefits to bank holding companies.

Warren Buffett steps in to buy against the overall market down trend. What does he buy? $5 billion of Goldman Sachs stock.

Largest contributor to Barack Obama's Campaign: GOLDMAN SACHS employees.

Is it time to re-read, Does Goldman Sachs Run the World?


  1. Last man standing, probably Goldman since MS has a good chance of falling apart: Morgan Stanley (MS) Fate In Mitsubishi Hands

  2. So let MS go down to 0.00 a share. UBS and Bernstein independently confirm that they can still operate for 9months! Don't believe everything you read...