Tuesday, December 7, 2010

TSA: No More Overseas Airmail Packages Over One Pound Allowed Into U.S.

The Japan Post Services Co, the Japanese postal service, has announced that no more airmail packages over one pound will be permitted for shipment into the U.S., as a result of new TSA regulations, the rule applies to everyone except for large corporate mailers which are exempt.

But the rules do not apply only to Japan. Apparently, reports Natural News, the TSA has requested that no foreign country be permitted to send air packages weighing over a pound into the U.S. because of perceived security threats, unless the postal carriers follow strict and tedious new screening rules to verify sender and receiver.

I smell a Cass Sunstein "nudge" here again. The TSA doesn't outright ban shipments. They just "nudge" postal services into not providing the service, because of the onerous screening rules.


  1. Is this some backdoor protectionism going on here ?

  2. It's interesting that only large corporations are exempt. Way to shoot the free market in the head guys.

    This is out of hand.

  3. What about shipping from the U.S.? How might soldiers care packages be impacted?

  4. I can (furiously) confirm that the United States aka "land of the free and home of the brave" has cravenly returned the annual Christmas care package I send to my family in Iowa from my home in Austria.

    No apologies forthcoming – except from the already overworked AUSTRIAN postal authorities, who had to bring my big box back to my door.

    My "crime"?
    I sent the chocolates and other goodies one day too late and got caught by the TSA's cunning plan to inconvenience & infuriate millions of law-abiding citizens, in order to frustrate a couple of nutjobs.

    (And no, I do not get a refund of the $70-some dollars in postage on the box, but thanks to American "ingenuity" I do have the privilege of spending the equivalent of $250 to try and ship it again according to TSA's whimsical regulations (like no bomb weighs less than 499 grams ... brilliant!))

    I have no more words, only disgust....