Saturday, April 21, 2012

Harry Browne Book Re-Published on KIndle

Frank Giovinazzi emails:
Hello, I am writing as the publisher of the late Harry Browne's best-seller, How I Found Freedom in an Unfree World
As you know this book was published 40 years ago, but I have worked with his wife Pamela to issue it in Kindle and Nook format. I am writing to request that a link to this book be placed in the appropriate spot on your website --  
Here are the links:
Harry Browne was a very important libertarian thinker. How I Found Freeedom presented his views on how to live a free life, despite the many attempts by government to interfere with what we want to do. It's a very well thought out book and had a very significant impact on my thinking.

Curiously, in the book, Browne makes a very strong case for eschewing involvement with political campaigns and attempts to make the world better, yet he later ran for president on the Libertarian Party ticket.


  1. He advocates a libertine lifestyle. Harry Browne predicted the US closing the gold window and also predicted the towers getting destroyed. Those two youtube videos are worth a watch. He was a great man.

    1. It is really quite bizarre to suggest that Browne advocated a libertine lifestyle. Browne advocated a moral system based on individual responsibility. It was far, far from an unrestrained libertine lifestyle.

  2. Despite some odd leanings this is an excellent book that is long overdue to join the digital age. Now all we need is for Robert Ringer to digitize "Winning Through Intimidation" and "Looking Out For #1".

  3. I've mentioned it here. The book saved me a lot of money.

  4. His "Rule Your World" audio CD set was a precursor to this book and is a "must have" if you like the book. He covers religion extensively in the audio seminar and it was instrumental in helping me to understand the irrelevance of believing in a "god". He also helped me to establish my own "code of conduct".

  5. If they lower the Kindle price to $4.99, I'll buy it.

  6. His book offers great advice on how to live one's life. Timeless information!

  7. Harry Browne changed his mind on politics, thinking that by the mid-90s people were ready for the libertarian message. His timing was wrong, but interesting to see through Ron Paul since 2007, that he wasn't totally wrong.

    This is important to me because it was Browne's 96 LP campaign through which I first discovered libertarianism, then David Friedman, then Rothbard.

    I would still address where Browne and Ron Paul were partly wrong by over-estimating that there could be success directly through politics. But it is indirectly through politics that they recruited hundreds of thousands of people like me that should stick to the libertarian movement separate from politics.