Tuesday, June 19, 2012

First Rand, Now Henry Kissinger Endorses Romney

War criminal Henry Kissinger is the featured guest at an upcoming Connecticut fundraiser for Mitt Romney.

(Via Lew Rockwell)


  1. If there was ever a reason not to vote for Mittens, this is it. Kissenger is a devil.

  2. Endorsements are an integral part of political theatre we call campaigns and elections to deceive the voting public into thinking their actually counts. Unfortunately, the elites win because both party candidates have been vouched so it's a win-win for them regardless which candidate wins. Better for everyone or a majority to withhold their income taxes. Can they imprison everyone? Unfortunately, just a few will do to scare the sheeple back into the fold. Bleat! Bleat!

    1. Anonymous: You are right on, I am not even sure these elites need the taxes, but that is a way to further control the people. I quite paying the income tax thirty years ago and have had no problems,its all about how you do it.

  3. it been said that Kissinger was instrumental in getting goods here from China, and he makes a penny off each item that is brought here.. conflict of interest while serving as government employee.

  4. somthing stinks, I would not trust kissenger for nothing.