Sunday, June 10, 2012

Peter Schiff on The Robert Wenzel Show

Peter Schiff visits The Robert Wenzel Show.

He talks ( a little) about what he saw at the secretive Koch Conference in Aspen, that he attended.

How to get a job on Wall Street.

How regulators have stifled him in his attempts to grow his business.

The real problem with the Facebook deal.

What the next crash is going to look like, and much more.

The interview is here:

Here's a different audio version for those of you who would like to download the show as a podcast.

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  1. What happened to the Schiff Wenzel feud? How the Peter Schiff Show Interview Really Went Down.

  2. It's amazing what legal liability does to capitalism, not just Schiff's business either. I deal with it often in my industry.

    I'm not even sure what the solution is as people should have the ability to address property rights issues, but how/when to draw the line on when it's legitimate or not is a whole issue in and of itself.

    I think about it so much in my business that I've been considering becoming part of a private arbitration group. The reality is though even in my own experience when I try to push stuff into arbitration I get push back from not only the opposing attorney's but my own.

    I guess it's going to become less important for a while after the collapse.

  3. Could you link to the mp3 instead of just an embedded player? Thanks.

  4. Meh, I used to really like Schiff, but not so anymore. He's so big on self promotion that he barely lets Wenzel get a word in, and he can't even honestly debate even a minor disagreement. It's just "me me me me".

    Schiff lost me when during his Senate campaign I believe he said he was fine with attacking Iran. His defensiveness regarding the Koch meeting is also suspect (does he have the lust for power that overcomes many libertarians when they get to the big leagues?). Finally, he doesn't understand the important point that even if the Fed looked awesome on paper in 1913, it would necessarily devolve into a monstrosity because of its statist, federal, centralizing nature.

    Schiff is the Rand Paul of economics.