Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Do You Want Real Fireworks This July 4th?

Catch up on Robert Wenzel Show interviews you may have missed. Below are the recent shows,. along with a summary and the number of listeners to each show so far (complied by Chris Rossini)

Gary Johnson

How libertarian is Gary Johnson?

During this interview, Libertarian Party presidential candidate Gary Johnson I ask him about his libertarian influences and his understanding of Austrian economics. The answers will likely surprise.

YouTube - 7,697
Podbean - 4,859

Peter Schiff

Peter Schiff talks ( a little) about what he saw at the secretive Koch Conference in Aspen, that he attended.

How to get a job on Wall Street.

How regulators have stifled him in his attempts to grow his business.

The real problem with the Facebook deal.

What the next crash is going to look like, and much more.

YouTube - 2,030
Podbean - 4,974

Tom DiLorenzo

How Totalitarian is the United States?

Thomas DiLorenzo discusses whether Nazi Germany (was) or the current United States is more totalitarian, and what might start causing states to secede from the U. S. Is the U.S. headed for a Soviet Union style break up? DiLorenzo answers the question

YouTube - 2,953
Podbean - n/a

Walter Block

If you are not a hardcore libertarian, you will be thinking twice, perhaps three times at some of Professor Block's positions.

After a debate over Rand Paul's endorsement of Mitt Romney, Dr Block and I move onto to discuss his brilliant new book, Yes to Ron Paul and Liberty.

As part of the discussion, Dr. Block explains whether it is ever legitimate in a libertarian society for an individual to own a nuclear bomb. Dr. Block also calls for Nuremberg-type trials of Federal Reserve employees. We discuss Thomas Sowell. Cato. The libertarian solution to air pollution. And much, much more.

YouTube - 862
Podbean - 258

Derek Pilecki

Pilecki is Managing Member, Founder and Portfolio Manager of Gator Capital Management. From 2002 through 2008, Derek was a member of the Goldman Sachs Asset Management Growth Equity Team. While at GSAM, Derek was the co-Chair of the Investment Committee for the Growth Team and was a Portfolio Manager. He was also a member of the portfolio management team responsible for the Goldman Sachs Capital Growth Fund, and provided primary coverage of the Financials for the Growth Team.

On the show, Pilecki talks about what it is like to work at Goldman Sachs. He also goes into detail explaining where the jobs are now on Wall Street and how to get one.

Then its on to a discussion of Pilecki's investment philosophy and his views on stocks such as Blackrock, American Express and Rouse Properties. Find out what regulatory cloud hangs over American Express and why Dodd-Frank regulation will likely force small cap bank mergers that will ultimately result in the merged banks being taken over by the big banks.

YouTube - 259
Podbean - 3,541

And here are some oldies, but goodies:

James Altucher

Altucher explains how he made $15 million cash and how he lost it all.

Find out about his comeback, how much time he spends working on his web site each day, the key to any deal he invests in, what he did when he figured out Facebook was going to be a huge success, and the secret he just learned from billionaire Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban.

Richard Ebeling

In this show, I spoke with Economics Professor Richard Ebeling. 

We discussed why Ludwig von Mises was a great economist, central planning, what's going on in Russia right now and when Richard was in Moscow facing down Russian tanks.

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