Saturday, October 20, 2012

Who Knew? Tina Turner Lives in Switzerland to Escape U.S. Tax Burden

Reuters reports that Tina Turner and other wealthy celebrities like Phil Collins, Formula One driver Michael Schumacher  Ingvar Kamprad, the founder of furniture store IKEA, who moved from Sweden in 1976, live in Switzerland to escape tax burdens.

Things may be changing, though, an alliance of left-wing parties and trade unions said on Friday they had collected the 100,000 signatures needed to put their proposal, "Enough with tax privileges for millionaires", to a referendum. Opposition to favorable treatment for tax exiles has grown in Switzerland, and the cantons of Zurich, reports Reuters.

Amazing. Only commies would want to make it more difficult for wealthy to enter a region. The wealthy all arrive with capital and money to spend. Most of the prettiest parts of the world are where the wealthy live.


  1. Shania Twain lives there too.
    Here is a list

  2. Envy often trumps good sense among people which is another reason to oppose "democratic" systems of political control.

  3. There is always Andorra.