Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A Quantum Physicist Explains the Dangers in the Eurozone

I am not making this up. The guest on this CNBC segment is Gemma Godfrey. She is the Head of Investment Strategy at Brooks Macdonald. The firm manages in excess of £3.5 billion, across 7 offices, with Godfrey directing the Asset Allocation and Investment Committees.

Previously Godfrey held a weekly slot for Sky News and was the Chairman of the Investment Committee of Credo Capital. Prior to this she was a fund manager for Julius Baer and responsible for Latin American investments at GAM. She has spent time at Goldman Sachs and UBS, and graduated with honors from Leeds University with a major in quantum physics.


  1. Gah, she supposedly understands Physics, but was arguing for more Government control over the situation...

    Just another pseudo-intellectual if you ask me.

    1. Exactly. She uses a completely fallacious metaphor in comparing Europe to the uncertainty principle. It's as if pretending "the more I know about my cat's velocity, the less I know about the color of the shit it's about to take" has a relationship to the uncertainty principle instead of a relationship to your own bullshit. (FWIW, I took quantum mechanics as a physics undergrad)

      Her metaphor is just to give the impression that she knows more about the situation than she really does.