Wednesday, January 16, 2013

It's Fast Becoming the Entitlement-Crony Complex

Here's how it works.

Legislators pass entitlements out to as much of the population as they can get away with, i.e., as close to 50% of the population as they can, so they that they are able to ensure themselves re-election. They are paid back by crony lobbyists, who provide them with soft-dollar payoffs for votes, and when the time is right, crony corporations provide revolving door opportunities outside of Congress (or dark cellar opportunities if they stay in Congress).

Which results in this. The crony military-industrial complex still exists, but it is quickly becoming second fiddle to the Entitlement-Crony Complex. From Social Security, to Medicare to food stamps and free cell phones, the voting public is being manipulated for its vote. At the same time the crony elitists have expanded well beyond the military, and include Big Pharma and crony insurance, among many others. And, of course, the banksters always collect their fees.


  1. I wouldn't complicate it with a title like that.

    It's basically just special interest politics: the special interest is just much larger than most, i.e., the segment of society receiving said government entitlement.

    Most of them don't hire lobbyists but their sheer numbers and likelihood to vote on that single issue renders organization unnecessary.

  2. It is obvious who benefits from the military-industrial complex. But who benefits from the "entitlement-crony complex"?

    -Health Insurance companies
    -Grocery Stores and bodegas (food stamps)
    -Ag and food processing companies that supply grocery stores and bodegas
    -Nursing homes
    -Hoverounds and Rascal manufacturers (senior citizen consumer products, especially those covered by the government)

    Feel free to add the list

  3. who benefits?

    the voters who are NOT stakeholders in the sense they pay no taxes. many of them are not quite citizens yet, but the democrats are dying to "fix" that as soon as possible. we saw in this last election that the not-quite citizen and his/her family figures heavily into pandering from BOTH parties, not just the demos anymore.