Monday, July 8, 2013

"I think I am done with Rand."

Montana for Ron Paul writes at Daily Paul:
I just don't understand this fella anymore. Selling his soul to maybe be president, selling out Libertarians, sold out his own just seems like babes for leaders.
We all have our opinions and I respect yours, but can you see where I am coming from? Flip flop, do anything to get votes kind of guy. being awake for a decade now, he just feels wrong to me....wrong!


  1. He's right, Rand may take principled stances every now and then but he has no problem with getting in bed with statism. Some will use the excuse that he has to play the political game but IMO thats a weak excuse. Your either for statism or your against it.

  2. Daily Paul Hits EPJ...been posting links to EPJ for a while on DP.

    Interesting crowd over there. For those who don't frequent the site...there are a bunch of Rand Supporters there and a bunch of skeptics (including the owner of the site). Rand supporters seem to think the lesser of two evils is progress and I don't know how they can be Ron Paul supporters and simultaneously hold the lesser of two evils view. They seem to be very caught up in the standard/mainstream politics game and I have no idea how anybody that claims to be a libertarian hasn't figured out by now the standard game is rigged against their supposed principles.