Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Attorney Has Filed a New Motion Seeking Bail for Kokesh

Peter Cooper, the attorney representing Adam Kokesh against charges stemming from his alleged brandishing of a shotgun in Washington D. C., has confirmed that Judge Patricia A. Broderick has denied bail once again for Kokesh.

Cooper says he did not want to discuss details, at this time, of Broderick's reasoning for denying Kokesh bail, since he has refiled the motion with the Judge, again attempting to gain bail for Kokesh.

I asked Cooper if there was any further news on a supposed plea deal that the prosecutor suggested was in the process. Cooper said there was nothing. In a prior conversation, Cooper told me that outside of the prosecutor mentioning, at a hearing earlier this month, that a deal was in the process of being made, there has been no word from the prosecutor.

At the time the prosecutor made that statement in open court, he indicated he needed approval from higher authorities before the making a deal offer. I asked Cooper, if having to seek higher approval was a common practice, Cooper said, "Let me put it to you this way, even the judge raised an eyebrow,  when the prosecutor said that."

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  1. I wouldn't doubt that this case will be thrown out or dropped.