Saturday, August 10, 2013

Rand Paul Responds to Jesse Benton's Hold Your Nose Comment

Rand says Jesse is gong ho to see McConnell win. For a libertarian this might be worse than the Benton comment. It's a lie, but why would you want to encourage the view that anyone affiliated with Rand is gung ho to work for a crony establishment operator like McConnell?

Also note that Rand implies that Benton was coaxed into discussing McConnell by Fusaro and that is clearly not the case. Benton's comment that he will be holding his nose was not at all prompted by Dennis Fusaro,as can clearly be determined by anyone listening to the tape.


  1. Illegal to record calls lol
    Not if its in public intrest, if it was out of context sue for libel
    Jesse is not a private citizen but a public figure

    I wont vote for rand until he stops sucking up to the christian right and stops using foriegn aid as a cheap populist issue. Using foriegn aid cuts to force egypt to free americans doing illegal political work is wrong

  2. Hey other Anonymous. Just because someone is in the news doesn't make them a "public figure". Jesse Benton, even though I personally think is a traitor and a weasel, is absolutely a private citizen, as are you. Just because he works for a public figure (someone who is elected or works for a government office). that doesn't strip him of any right.

    I agree Rand has been sucking up to the Christian "right" (odd to say since they are far left communists), but all foreign aid should be cut immediately. Does no one else see the giant 3 trillion dollar hole?