Sunday, October 27, 2013

New York Times Endorses Bill de Blasio for Mayor

The Times says of the crony pinko:
He is right about the crisis of affordable housing, and he has the most comprehensive plan to attack it. His goal of expanding access to preschool education is a noble priority for the city.[...]

Mr. de Blasio seems to be a good listener, though our hearts sink when we see him listening too attentively to interest groups like anti-horse-carriage zealots and deep-pocketed taxi fleet owners.[,,,]

He promises to be a mayor who listens instead of scolds, who calms fears instead of inciting them. If he combines his populist touch with attentive, courageous leadership, he will have earned the city’s support; he already has ours.


  1. "the crisis of affordable housing"

    WTF does this even mean?

  2. "He is right about the crisis of affordable housing which is the inevitable result of failed rent control policies, and he has the most comprehensive plan to repeal them."

    1. Whoa buddy, if you think that's likely then spacesaver37 must've shared some of his stash with you.

  3. They probably have a housing shortage due to rent controls.

  4. New York Times: 'All the bias that's fit to print.'
    New York Times: 'Telling socialist candidates they are still too mild.'
    New York Times: 'Not seeing any need in hiding our propaganda intentions any longer.'