Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Price of Ground Beef Hits All-Time High

The average price for a pound of ground beef hit its all-time in the United States in November, according to data released today by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

In January 1980, when BLS started tracking the average price of 100-percent beef  ground chuck, a pound cost $1.82. By this November, the same pound of ground beef cost $3.61 per pound. That was up from $3.49 per pound in October.

What inflation? As long as you don't eat, there is no price inflation.


  1. and you know people will just switch to a substitute like

    1. the substitute for people who can't keep up with help from....

      Millionaires become the 'family bank'
      The wealthy are handing out so much money to needy family members that they've earned a new nickname: "the family bank."

      Nearly half of the multimillionaires in a new study gave money to family members, with an average contribution of $313,200 over the past five years, according to Merrill Lynch and Age Wave.

      The assistance includes money to adult children, grandchildren, parents and siblings—not to mention the proverbial feckless cousin and mercenary brother-in-law.
      Fully 81 percent have provided support to adult children and 39 percent to grandchildren over the past five years, the study found.

      Because of the tough economy, today's multimillionaires are doling out so much to family that they are now acting as "the family bank," said the study, which looked at individuals with $5 million or more in investible assets.

      keep believing the msm nonsense and ben bernankes and friends bs....things are not good for most people not hooked up to a guaranteed paycheck via state sponsored institutions.

    2. A "Value' Wal-Mart brand of 100% ground chunk with weird Chinese writing has actually went down in price.(03.20 per pound to 2.90).
      Google it.
      Krugman was right.

    3. Check out the Bureau of Labor statistics. Google. It. RW was right.

  2. I can see it now - "Beefcoin".

    And if all else fails you can eat it...

    [Still suffers from the same old problem. GIGO - Garbage In, Garbage Out.]