Sunday, December 22, 2013

Sunday Night Gossip: De Blasio Staffer ‘Shacking Up with Ex-Boss Spitzer’

NyPo has the dirt:
Bill de Blasio’s communications director is shacking up with her married, former boss — Eliot Spitzer.
Lis Smith, 31, who was hired by the mayor-elect in September as his top spokesperson, has been hosting the hooker-happy former governor at her SoHo pad, The Post has learned. 
Spitzer, 54, twice spent the night at Smith’s apartment building last week, showing up late in the evening, once taking her for a romantic dinner and both times slipping out of her building at dawn, a Post reporter observed.
On Wednesday, Spitzer pulled up in a cab a couple doors down from Smith’s five-floor walkup around 10 pm, wearing jeans, sneakers, white hoodie and a grin on his face as he walked to the building and rang the bell.
He was buzzed up — and didn’t emerge again until 5:45 am. With bags under his eyes, he stopped briefly on Smith’s stoop to look at a newspaper that had been delivered before bolting through the pre-dawn darkness to catch a cab near Prince Street.
Smith, a tall, dark-haired beauty, emerged around noon smiling and looking fresh in a hot-pink puffer jacket.
That night, Spitzer showed up again, dapper in a long black overcoat and dress shoes as he walked to her door from Prince Street around 10 pm.
He went in, and emerged an hour later with Smith, both of them heading to a cozy French restaurant.
Seated at a back table, the pair held hands as they enjoyed a candlelit dinner. The manager described them as regulars who “have had almost everything on the menu by now. They come here that often.”
“The first time I saw Spitzer, I didn’t know if he was Eliot Spitzer or Anthony Weiner. Those two are like the same exact guy,” the manager said, referring to the city’s other sex-crazed, ex-pol.[...]
Smith joined Team De Blasio in September, during the primary, and still works for the mayor-elect. It is not clear if she will follow him to City Hall when he takes office in January.
The Dartmouth grad apparently has a thing for bad boys, dating former Missouri pol Jeff Smith from 2005 to 2009, before he was locked up in the federal pen for obstruction after a probe of the state’s 2004 election.


  1. Google her. Not attractive. Maybe had some work done.

    These rulers show why we can do without them, again and again. That's what she said.

  2. I thought Spitzer's wife divorced him, still funny regardless.

  3. In this day and age, I would be suspicious of any politician who didn't take advantage of his power in some dirty way.

    Although I'm satisfied that Spitzer's career might diminish for a while (these guys never truly go away ever until death), I'd prefer that it was due to his constituents unanimously deciding that his platform was as moronic as his tactics at extra-marital subterfuge.