Saturday, January 11, 2014

San Francisco Public Library "Events"

The San Francisco Examiner reports (my highlights)
Mayor Ed Lee is calling for a zero-tolerance policy for patrons of the Main Library[...]On Thursday morning, the mayor spent about an hour and a half touring the Main Library in the heart of the Civic Center, walking in and around the building and meeting with staff.[...]

The effort comes after years of library officials having attempted to address the challenges of unruly patrons only to face an increase in complaints in recent months. In fiscal year 2011-12, 4,412 incidents were recorded[...]

The crimes Lee singled out for increased penalties include indecent exposure, simple assault on library staff and patrons, possession of weapons, being under the influence of drugs or alcohol, making disruptive noise and vandalism of library property[...]

Police Chief Greg Suhr said a series of incidents led to the recent attention, including drug use and sex in the bathroom, someone being hit by a chair, a person bringing in an oversize bag that was infested with fleas and someone urinating on a book shelf.


  1. Meanwhile at the local Barnes & Noble, the patrons enjoy clean and healthy environment because of private ownership!

  2. in progressive (Like SF) Madison, Wi the library has a 2-bag max., gives large bags to homeless and bums so they can put their little bags in them. Ha Ha We all pay

  3. Around here (Chicago and Oak Park) there are an inordinate number of disruptions by people whose race we dare not state.