Monday, February 24, 2014

The Truth Seeps Out About Walter Block

By Thomas DiLorenzo

Every time the totalitarian leftists in academe orchestrate one of their libelous PC explosions of character assassination their real motives eventually seep out.  They usually begin with a spasm of name calling — racist, homophobe, hater of the poor, bla, bla, bla, bla.  But then one or more of them eventually slips and lets the cat out of the bag.  Which brings us to the case of the recent libeling of Walter Block by the NY Times and the mannerless boob who is the president of Loyola University New Orleans, one “Father” Kevin Wildes.  There are now over 50 comments following Wildes’ libelous smear in his university’s newspaper, The Maroon.  Only one or two of the campus leftists have had the courage to answer the dozens of critics of Wildes (who himself has not answered them either), despite the fact that they are free to enter the fray anonymously.  One in particular revealed the real purpose of the libel:  Walter opposes the minimum wage (!!!!!) and myriad other economic interventions, even including socialized medicine (!!!!!!!!).  Worse yet, he sounds like a “TEA Party” person.  Someone call the Gestapo, quick!
This has happened over and over again in academe.  The totalitarian leftists in academe, among the absolute worst of which are the Jesuits who run institutions like Loyola University, just cannot stand the fact that there is one single person among them who is effective at explaining to students the advantages of freedom and prosperity over socialism and tyranny (referred to as “social justice” by the Loyola administration).   Walter Block has been very effective at this for many decades, which is why they consider him to be Public Enemy Number One.  They will tell any lie, assassinate anyone’s character, and generally conduct themselves like totalitarian-minded thugs in their crusades to crush all diverse opinions on campuses.   And they do it while wearing priests’ collars at Loyola University New Orleans.
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