Sunday, March 16, 2014

The U.S. Senate Needs A Real Liberty Advocate: Murray Sabrin Is Today's Guest on The Robert Wenzel Show

Today's Guest:
Murray Sabrin
 A hardcore liberty advocate who is gunning for Cory Booker's NJ Senate seat

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**Thanks to John Daubert, Head of Editing and Mastering.**


  1. Thanks for introducing us to a guest well worth looking into - good interview.

    I would have been curious to have gotten his take on the ongoing Israel vs. The Middle East issue. That is often where so-called principled libertarians often make an exception to non-intervention because, hey, it's our duty to protect Israel. (So far I haven't found any specific comments from Sabrin about it.)

  2. Murray, the parasites in DC KNOW what they're doing are hurting the American people. They don't care. What's worse is that most of the American people are so incredibly stupid that they actually think these DC maggots will "keep the private sector in check". That very notion is so incredibly idiotic that it has convinced me that most people are just dumber than a box of rocks.

    But good luck nevertheless.

  3. I just listened to the full interview. He does not strike me as principled as Ron Paul. He sounds like a politician, and he isn't even elected. He calls himself a libertarian-Republican, a term we deride Rand for, and he is anti-immigration i.e. pro-government-regulation (and using government violence our money) to restrict people's freedom and natural rights to move. And he is still in campaign mode.....

    The libertarian-Republican self naming is a really, really big red flag I am surprised you did not call attention to it. That is the moniker of EPJ-styled-libertarians' "enemy number 1," Rand Paul.

    If we support support Sabrin, then it is for the same reasons some support Amash, Rand Paul, and Massie- they aren't perfect but they are better. I would not put Sabrin above them and in the Ron Paul category based on this interview.

    1. Are you serious? I listened to the entire interview also and he is down the line for less government. He is not for foreign entanglements like Rand and he is not for putting higher taxes on the table like Amash.

    2. They weren't for those things either before they got elected.

      Why tarnish "libertarian" with a modifier, a horrible one such as "Republican" at that? Don't worry, I'm not supporting any "libertarian-Democrats" either.