Monday, April 21, 2014

A Quick Report on Judge Napolitano's Talk at NYU

Keith Snyder emails:
Just wanted to say thanks for posting the news of the Judge Napoliatno talk at NYU Law. I attended and as expected Judge Napolitano was great. Some of the y2 law students questions...not so much. But at least they listened.

At one point Napolitano referenced Rothbard in a point to a student question. The poor kid had no idea of whom he spoke. Perhaps he will do a little light reading.


Keith Snyder


  1. The poor kid must've been our very own outrolled by the Judge in person.

    Can't wait for him to come back here and cry like a little baby troll unless his mum didn't kick him out already from her basement yet :)

  2. I was there as well. The judge did a great job and yes some of the questions were not great. I attribute it to the fact that those kids have never heard a principled libertarian like the Judge. Their objections/questions to the libertarian stance were the usual low level stuff....oh my god, without .GOV who will protect us from racism and monopolies? The Judge did a great job explaining things gently without being annoying or condescending. It is a victory for those NYC liberals to even hear these arguments which they have been sheltered from.

    "Speak up, speak often and don’t worry about those that at this point cannot understand as they can never un-hear what we tell them.”RP

  3. Anyone know if the speech/questions will be posted somewhere? Podcast/Youtube? Would greatly appreciate the heads up!