Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Colorado Town Considers Letting Residents Shoot at Drones

Drones could join coyotes as prey on the dun-colored prairie if voters in Deer Trail, Colorado, population 563, approve a measure today allowing the town to issue hunting licenses for unmanned aerial vehicles, reports Bloomberg.

“That plan is a taking of property rights, a taking of civil rights,” said Phillip Steel, who wears a black duster coat and a cowboy hat. “According to a 1964 Supreme Court decision, a property owner owns airspace up to 1,000 feet above the ground.”

I discussed property rights and drones last year: Will Personal Drones Require Further Development of Libertarian Property Theory?


  1. I really have no opinion, beyond 12 Ga. Remington Nitro.
    Good Hunting!!

    1. Ha! My thoughts exactly. I'll raise a glass to the people of Deer Trail for even considering it.

  2. A drone flying onto someone's property should be viewed in the same guise as trespassing. Since the drone isn't sentient, it won't respond to a request to leave so feel free to open fire.

  3. Not a bad idea.

    They might also consider making it a felony to publish a photo of an individual without their permission.