Monday, May 5, 2014

Rand Hangs with Rupert Murdoch for Six Hours at the Kentucky Derby

NYT fills us in on Rand and the Neocon:
 On the afternoon of the Kentucky Derby, Rand Paul, the state’s junior Republican senator and likely presidential candidate, spilled out of an elevator in the exclusive Jockey Club Suites of Churchill Downs with an entourage of women with flower-adorned hats, men in seersucker suits and Rupert Murdoch...

For Mr. Paul, the would-be candidate, and Mr. Murdoch, arguably the most powerful broker in Republican politics, Saturday’s day at the races was filled with betting, losing, drinking and a long chat over kettle corn. It was part getting-to-know-you and part political audition, and marked a potential turn in the race for president...

That Mr. Murdoch, no novice when it comes to matters of political imagery, allowed himself to be paraded for six hours around the boisterous and bourbon-drenched grounds like a prize horse behind a proud jockey, amounted to a message to more establishment Republicans that, as Mr. Murdoch put it, “I’m very open minded.”
(ht  Jay Stephenson)


  1. as Mr. Murdoch put it, “I’m very open minded.” Translation: "We are hoping that if we are nice to Rand, his supporters will vote for Jeb."

  2. God, what an asshole. Just look at those shades.

  3. Dr. Strangelove, I presume?

  4. The Kentucky Derby is decadent and depraved.