Sunday, June 29, 2014

The Reason California Will Break Apart Into Six Different States

Joshua Krause writes:
A Silicon Valley venture capitalist by the name of Tim Draper, has proposed that perhaps it is time for the various regions of California to part ways. His goal, is to let California be divided into six different states. This isn’t exactly a new idea. There have been proposals to divide the massive state since California achieved statehood. Of course, none have succeeded. As a matter of fact, there have only been a handful of times in American history, when part of a state has managed to secede to form its own state, and none of them have occurred since the Civil War.

So what makes this time any different? Well for one, Tim Draper appears to represent the monied interests of the Silicon Valley. He’s dumped 2 million dollars of his own cash to fund the movement, which is now gathering signatures for a ballot in the next election. Most state secession movements fail because they are grassroot affairs, something that most state governments (or frankly any government) don’t share the same interests with. If breaking up a state doesn’t benefit the people at the top, then they won’t let it happen.

Which is why it’s interesting that the proposal is headed by a Silicon Valley mogul. While there’s no proof that Tim Draper is being backed by larger corporate interests, it would certainly make sense. Part of his proposal is to grant the Silicon Valley its own state. It would obviously benefit the major tech companies of this region to have a state to themselves, where they could wield massive influence. Considering the amount of money these tech interests hold, I doubt California stands a chance.

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  1. De-centralization is always a key for liberty.

    Speaking of California, don't know if anyone saw this

    "Many of the Latinos in the caucus come from small towns where small businesses could be damaged by another minimum wage hike."