Wednesday, August 27, 2014

BREAKING: Kent Sorenson Pleads Guilty to Concealing Ron Paul Campaign Payoff


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The Department of Justice announced that former Iowa State Sen. Kent Sorenson pleaded guilty Wednesday to concealing payments he received from former Rep. Ron Paul’s presidential campaign in exchange for his support.


In the plea deal,  Sorenson admits that he switched his support from Rep. Michele Bachmann to RP after meeting secretly with the campaign and negotiating payments that amounted to $73,000, according to DOJ officials.

DOJ officials said the payments were doled out in monthly installments of $8,000 and were concealed by “transmitting them to a film production company, then through a second company, and finally to Sorenson and his spouse.”


Note this is extremely serious for Ron Paul Inc. and it is unclear how far it will reach. As I have reported here at EPJ, a number of grand jury investigations have occurred and it is unclear how far up the Ron Paul Campaign 2012 ladder the problems will go.

But be certain, this is only the first shoe to drop, in a store full of shoes.


I seriously doubt that Ron Paul was aware of the payoffs, which appear to have been funneled through Dimitri Kesari. As I have reported here at EPJ on numerous occasions, Kesari was something of a fixer at the Ron Paul Campaign 2012 and probably has a dirt on a lot of people and he will now be under tremendous pressure to co-operate with the government.


The Department of Justice press release is here. Note well, as I have exclusively reported, the investigation has included multiple jurisdictions but is spearheaded by the Washington D.C. office.


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