Thursday, November 20, 2014

Thanks Big Oil, Greedy Speculators and Price Manipulators

US Gas prices are now at a 4-year low of $2.85 per gallon,

(via Mark Perry)

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  1. China & Russia To Accuse U.S. Of Not Having The Gold

    Eric King: “Steve, I know you’ve been uncovering critical information for 25 years. You read the KWN interview Insider Exposes Shocking Truth On German Gold Repatriation -- your thoughts.”

    Quayle: “Well, Eric, this should be obvious to your readers that this would not even be an issue if the gold were still on deposit at the Federal Reserve. With all the gold leasing that’s been going on, people need to understand that there simply is no gold to repatriate from the Federal Reserve. The question is: Who has the most to gain by covering up this fact?....