Sunday, November 22, 2015

Fed's Williams Sees Strong Case for December Interest-Rate Hike

There is a "strong case" for raising interest rates when Federal Reserve policymakers meet next month, as long as U.S. economic data does not disappoint, San Francisco Fed President John Williams told reporters after a conference at University of California Berkeley's Clausen Center.

"Assuming that we continue to get good data on the economy, continue to get signs that we are moving closer to achieving our goals and gaining confidence getting back to 2-percent inflation... If that continues to happen there's a strong case to be made in December to raise rates."

Go ahead guys, in the comments, make your absurd cases for why he is bluffing.



  1. Holy crap Wenzel, you just posted an article and said this guy was clueless. Now a day later you post his comments because he knows what he is talking about?

    Don't worry Robert, rates will eventually rise and then you will be able to show all of us how absurd our comments were.


    1. No the point is he is as crazed as those of you who think the Fed is not going to raise rates. One minute he says the world needs to prepare for a world of low rates, the next minute he is talking about raising rates.

      What am I supposed to do, not print his nuttiness? Even, though I might add, his first comment was a direct contradiction of what I expect. And I printed it though I called him out for being clueless. That said, I believe his first comment was not directed with regard to the December meeting but rather the trend in rates. And on that I believe he has no clue when he thinks they are going to ne low for an extended period of time. Not going to happen..

  2. The Federal Reserve will not raise interest rates. If they do this debt-ridden world economy will choke. On the higher debt service costs.

    I don't subscribe to your paid journal; but I just don't' see it.