Wednesday, May 18, 2016

EXPOSED Donald Trump's Pro-Bankster Policy Positions Begin to Emerge

Thanks to a new wide-ranging interview Reuters just conducted with Donald Trump, we are beginning to see the first indications of what a Trump economic policy would look like.

It comes down to this: PLEASE THE BANKSTERS.

Trump told Reuters that he would dismantle most of the banking regulation known as Dodd-Frank, that was put in place under President Obama and stick handled in its development by free market-hater Elizabeth Warren.

Trump said:
I'm going to be making a statement about this in approximately two weeks having to do with Dodd-Frank. Much of it is very bad. Much of it gives so much power to the regulators that the bankers are unable to function...
Dodd-Frank has made it impossible for bankers to function. It makes it very hard for bankers to loan money for people to create jobs, for people with businesses to create jobs. And that has to stop.
Pressed by Reuters on the extent of the changes he wanted to make, Trump said, "it will be close to dismantling of Dodd-Frank."

To be sure, Dood-Frank is a horrific piece of legislation and it should be dismantled. However, it must be noted that the direct and immediate beneficiaries of the dismantling will be the banksters.

On government operations that benefit the banksters, he is not so quick to call for a dismantling---in fact, he does not want a dismantling.

Here is what he had to say about the banksters' best friend the Federal Reserve:
I'm not a person that thinks Janet Yellen is doing a bad job. I happen to be a low interest rate person, unless inflation rears its ugly head, which could happen at some point. It doesn't seem like it's happening any time soon. I don't think I want to at this point - I mean, number one, she's got time left.
I would rather have a Republican in the position, but I am not the enemy of Janet Yellen. ... Look, if interest rates were raised and if the dollar went up more, we'd be doing no business. We're being killed by other countries devaluing their currencies.
I think number one, the Federal Reserve should be audited. You know, they're not auditing it. And so far not too many people have been able to tell me why. I'm not one that says we should get rid of the Federal Reserve because I think the Federal Reserve has an important function, but it should certainly be audited and ... we should at least watch what they're doing from the dollar standpoint.
[Auditing the Fed] It's not my highest priority. I have other priorities like rebuild our military. ... It's not my number one priority. But certainly it's one of the things that we'll be doing.
Bottom line: What is emerging as Trump begins to outline his policies is that he is not in favor of smaller government. He is in favor of smaller government when it helps the banksters.

When it is a government agency that benefits the banksters, like the Fed, well then, he's  "not one that says we should get rid of the Federal Reserve" because "the Federal Reserve has an important function."

Even as far as an audit, and I can imagine the kind of "audit" it would be under a Trump administration. He suggests it would involve "watch[ing] what they're doing from the dollar standpoint." You see, he doesn't wany a strong dollar. He's a damn mercantilist.

With this perspective, thank heavens in his hands an audit is not something he is in a hurry to get underway. Why not? You see he has other priorities:
It's not my highest priority. I have other priorities like rebuild our military...
Did I mention that the defense industry along with the bansters will become fans of Donald Trump?



  1. In the past decade, the alternative media and Ron Paul have spurred a huge movement against the establishment that's become a force to be reckoned with. It's also created a huge voting bloc that creates a problem for a military industrial complex that already failed to launch a war in Syria.
    So what would be a perfect solution to solve that problem? Come up with a candidate who panders to them by denouncing Bush and the neocons and even throw in a few conspiracy theories for good measure. Make an appearance on the very popular Alex Jones Show while at the same time having rally goers take an oath to support said candidate no matter what. But aside from all the talk, the candidate pandering to the anti-establishment takes all the positions the establishment stands for, but even more extreme than the establishment itself.

  2. So... Trump offers specific policy that you also support, and yet you still cannot bring yourself to support Trump on this specific policy that you also want.

    Trump derangement syndrome at its best.

  3. Trump does condition his support on low inflation. When inflation hots up he can change his mind drastically if he wishes. In the meantime, this is exactly the kind of talk that will win the election.

    Trump's real policies and priorities once elected remain inscrutable. Just the way he wants it, to be sure.