Saturday, September 9, 2017

Seattle Socialist Loses It; Attacks Amazon After It Announces That It is Looking for a Location for a 'Second' Headquarters

The wacky left has made it so onerous for businesses to operate in Seattle that Amazon is looking for a more friendly business environment for a "second" headquarters.

This, naturally, sent Kshama Sawant, a socialist Seattle city councilwoman, into a rage.

She issued a statement comparing Amazon to
 Boeing. She said billion dollar firms hold the region "hostage" for tax breaks. The solution, Sawant says, is to "unionize and to take these behemoths into democratic public ownership."

Thanks to comments like that, Boeing has moved its headquarters to Chicago. Is it any wonder that Amazon is looking for a "second" headquarters where they won't be threatened with "democratic public ownership."

"Today’s announcement from Amazon should come as no surprise, as the city has continued to implement policies that create an environment that is at best unfriendly, and at worst, outright hostile toward the needs of our largest employers," said Seattle Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce CEO Maud Daudon.

The latest Seattle madness is a new tax that will charge 2.25 percent on per person income earned above $250,000 in the city---in a state where such a city income tax is specifically prohibited!

"We will no longer tolerate a system that buries poor people in taxes," Sawant said on the day the tax was passed by a  unanimous vote of the Seattle City Council.



  1. Sawant has a PhD in economics from N.C. State, and is a self-declared socialist. What a clusterfuck of a sentence I just typed.

  2. Big or Small businesses tend to relocate, once their overburdened by taxation. High taxation within the state discourages Job growth.

  3. So I saw another story where she was blaming Amazon for Seattle's homeless problem because they were driving up the value of real estate. So shouldn't she be glad they're looking elsewhere?

  4. Has importing Sawant from the 3rd world brought us closer to liberty?

    1. Brace yourself. Autistic replies about statism are coming.

    2. We imported Nikola Tesla from the third world. Your argument is invalid.

    3. @Paul Hansen

      Looks like you've already got that covered

    4. @Unknown. You call Croatia the 3rd world?

  5. @Unknown...That was not an "argument" it was a "question"!!! Would you like to actually answer the question? Or...would you rather remain an anonymous fool??
    By the way...Tesla was a brilliant thinker who tried to free people with his knowledge. This woman is a pompous moron who just wants to be the one who tells people how to live.

  6. Thatcher's law ( “The trouble with Socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money") needs a corollary.

    How about this?

    "Another trouble with socialism is 'the other people' run away with their money."