Sunday, February 14, 2010

Top Ten

Below are the Top Ten most viewed posts for the week ending Saturday February 13, 2010:

#1 All Hell Could Break Loose in Europe This Week; CDS Counter-Party Risks Again

#2 Plunge Protection Team Cover-Up

#3 Thank Heavens for Debra Medina

#4 My Dream Team of Advisers to Barack Obama (This Golden Oldie returns to the Top Ten, thanks to a mention by Lew Rockwell)

#5 Geithner to Meet with Global Warming Crazies and Opportunists, in Snow Buried D.C.

#6 A Peter Schiff Moment for Marc Faber

#7 Shock: Inside the Healthcare Bill (32nd week on list)

#8 Ben Bernanke, M3 Collapsing and What It Means

#9 Is Clueless Ben about to Crash the Economy, Big Time?

#10 Thank the Heavens for Hank Paulson's Wonderful Memory

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