Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Federal Reserve Under Serious Attack from CNN

Whoa!  Hats off to

They have posted a 10 picture slideshow of some of the Fed's greatest blunders. Titled, Famous Fed flubs:Bernanke and Greenspan aren't the only ones to have put their foot in their mouth over the years. Here's a look at Federal Reserve "oops" moments.

It is the most truthful piece on the Fed that I have ever seen out of mainstream media.

Bottom line: The Ron Paul impact is spreading.

The entire slideshow is here.



  1. Too bad CNN blames the Fed for hiking rates and making the Depression worse rather than fueling the stock bubble which created it.

  2. If only us stupid peons would just have faith and bow down to the academic brain trust in the Fed. You know, the same people who, by and large, have never created any real wealth in the productive sector!

  3. @James -- beat me to it! The article also unfortunately focuses on the Fed's failed predictions instead of how it causes all the bubbles and then fails to predict their bursting. Sadly, I'm sure the implicit moral of the CNN story is that the Fed needs better chairmen -- probably like those of European central banks because according to liberals, everything in Europe is better because of more statism.

  4. I'm going to agree with Bob here: this is a sign that skepticism about the Fed is spreading. Could it have been more critical? Absolutely; the Fed should never be let off the hook for its role in the business cycle. But five years ago this would never have appeared in the MSM, and only a very small group of crackpot Austrians would've cared enough to read it.