Friday, May 13, 2011

Ron Paul on Green Hair

First, it was Juan Williams declaring it is the "Age of Ron Paul"

Then Jon Stewart put Ron Paul's truth telling and principle into perspective.

Now, NYT's Michael Shear appears to appreciate Ron Paul's honesty and principled stands.

There's no other presidential candidate that is as instinctively honest and principled as Ron Paul.

Here's a couple of sidebars from my visit with Ron Paul two weeks ago:

When we were riding over to the Washoe County Republican Party breakfast, somehow the topic of people dying their hair green came up and almost simultaneously a comment about San Francisco. Being as politically incorrect as ever, I managed to combine the two comments by saying, "The problem with San Francisco is that there are too many people walking around with green hair." Dr. Paul immediately responded to this in a small scolding. "Now, as long as people aren't interfering in the lives of others, it shouldn't be a problem what color their hair is," he said to me, immediately.

Again in the car, this time heading to the airport, I asked him what he said to those who were hardcore Rothbardians and didn't vote. He said that Rothbard loved politics and was always involved. He mentioned that Rothbard always followed his career and even at one time endorsed Pat Buchanan for president. He then added, "But Rothbard probably didn't vote himself."

How's that for clear, unvarnished, truth? This isn't Kris Kringle telling Macy's shoppers that the right gift might be across the street at Gimbel's. This is Kris Kringle telling shopper's, "Well, maybe you don't need to shop as much this year, to start with."

I find it hard to think of another candidate who without any prompting would so easily bring up that a major influence on his thinking never voted---on principled reasons!

Ron Paul clearly believes the truth will ultimately out and that there is no good reason to deny it in the interim. Further, he has his principles which he is not going to change for even one vote, as Jon Stewart very accurately recognized in his skit.

It appears Williams, Stewart and Shear are starting to get Ron Paul. Especially Williams, since his understanding seems to go beyond just Ron Paul's honesty and principles, and includes the understanding that Dr. Paul has something very important to say, and that the problems Dr. Paul has been warning about for years, are the problems that are facing us today.

If truth, principle and wisdom actually catch on as something voters start to look for in a presidential candidate, than Williams, Stewart and Shear won't be the only ones taking a deep look at Ron Paul. Indeed, the recent CNN poll indicating that Ron Paul would do best head-to-head against President Obama suggests that perhaps that is what voters are starting to look at and that they understand that Ron Paul really is different than any other presidential candidate.

In other words, Williams, Stewart and Shear may be just ahead of the pack of pundits, and that many more will start to notice this very unique man that is running for president, Ron Paul.

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