Friday, May 13, 2011

Rand Paul Tells It Straight on Healthcare



  1. And of course Reason's head "libertarian" Matt Welch promptly publishes this piece, slamming Senator Rand Paul for what I think is an excellent comparison.

    I'm no heavy hitter in the liberty movement...but are the more sophisticated readers of this excellent blog as irritated by Welch as I am? I recall reading a piece he wrote a few years ago where he slammed RON Paul for the racist newsletters...that Ron didn't write.

    Is it time for Welch to get an avalanche of feedback for his unwarranted attack on the Paul's? Am I off base?

  2. Reason is a thinly veiled Republican-lite magazine. It has more to do with advancing establishment ideas (and mainstream conservative political candidates) than promoting liberty.

  3. thinkprogress took as many shots as they could on this speech by Paul. Expect a lot more in their bid to keep the Establishment in power.