Thursday, January 3, 2013

Doug Wead Goes Total Sell Out

There is no other way to describe the clip below. Clueless FOX anchor Megyn Kelly throws some softball questions about Lincoln and FDR to Wead. Wead, having worked as a top advisor to Ron Paul has to know the truth about both of them. They were crazed rulers. Under the rule of these two, hundreds of thousands of Americans died.  Historian Tom Dilorenzo tells us that under Lincoln this is what occurred:: some 850,000 Americans died (the latest estimate of "Civil War" deaths), the bombing, burning, and destruction of entire cities occurred, in addition to the mass killing of tens of thousands of civilians, the rape, pillage and plunder of thousands more, the suspension of Habeas Corpus and imprisonment of tens of thousands of Northern civilians, the shutting down of hundreds of opposition newspapers in the North, military conscription, the daily execution of deserters (by the Lincoln regime), and the rigging of Northern elections. Read more from Tom DiLorenzo about Lincoln, here.

The insane Social Security Ponzi scheme FDR launched will cause havoc into the future, causing pain and misery for many elderly. Further, FDR plotted for years to get the U.S. into World War 2. And, yet, Wead doesn't say a bad word about him or Lincoln. Even worse, Wead  goes over the top by quoting total nut job Churchill. If you want to know about Churchill read Ralph Raico and listen to Yuri Maltsev.

Look, there is only one way to treat Wead from this point forward. Treat him like any other MLM milkshake salesman who wants just 15 minutes of your time. Tell him you are too busy. Tell him that you are too busy repairing the destruction that Lincoln, FDR and Churchill brought upon the world---and that you are trying to counter the propaganda about those three that continues from MSM. Ask him if he wants to contribute a week of his milkshake sale profits to your cause.


  1. He's gone MSM and MLM. Have you seen his new attempt to exploit his Ron Paul-following by getting them involved in his Amway-type vitamin gig, Isagenix? He and the Ron Paul Flix guy are doing it and it's the greatest thing ever, don't you know? Why, even some member(s?) of Ron Paul's family are doing it so it must be good, right?

  2. People need to start asking Ron Paul questions about how he feels his name and following is exploited.

    It really is time to stop worshipping the man and wonder why he NEVER seems to come out and distance himself from people riding his coattails only to fleece his supporters.

  3. I think Ron Paul's response to Tony would be that it is your responsibility to not let yourself get fleeced, not his.

  4. what a pair of worthless commentators these 2's for the tyrant Abe and the facist FDR! FOX is a waste of time.